Your February Horoscope!

From Ophira and Tali Edut, The Astrotwins.

Breaking news: There’s gonna be a lot of, um, breaking news this February. Fiery Mars has returned to its home sign of Aries until March 9, arousing people’s fighting spirits. For some, this will mean raising our voices in escalating protest, especially as the Sun visits humanitarian Aquarius until February 18. It could also stoke aggression, as evidenced by the chaos that’s erupted since Mars entered Aries on January 27. We’re now in the lunar Year of the Rooster, and it’s time to get #woke. More than ever, astrologers are tasked with making sense of the world and offering hope. Read below for your sign’s horoscope….


Spread your wings, Aries! The Sun is in Aquarius until February 18, warming up your eleventh house of networking and collaborations. Friendships and promising connections will pop up everywhere, both virtually and IRL. If you were a bit reclusive in January, you’ll emerge like a butterfly from the cocoon during the first three weeks of the month. See the rest of your February horoscope here….


#Boss dreams? Time to go for the professional gold, as the Sun is marching through Aquarius and your tenth house of ambition and achievement. Skip the excessive socializing and sit down with your planner. Which goals are a “must” to achieve this year? Pencil in some facetime with a favorite mentor—get some quality wisdom from those who’ve been there and done that. Once you’ve carved out a strategy for success, it’s go time! Take concrete action to make these lofty dreams a reality, Taurus. See the rest of your February horoscope here….


This month’s theme is growth and expansion. The Sun is in Aquarius—your ninth house of risk-taking, visionary ventures and travel—until February 18. Whenever you hop an international flight or take a leap of faith in your everyday life, go big. If you’ve gotten too focused on life’s details of life, it’s time to widen your perspective. There’s so much to look forward to, so adopt a spirit of optimism, no matter what your current circumstances may be. With the Sun in your house of unfiltered sharing, new options could come sailing in. See the rest of your February horoscope here….


Hang your “do not disturb” sign, Crab. The Sun is roving through Aquarius and your eighth house of intimacy and privacy, tugging at you to go within. Cut down on social gatherings and raucous happy hours so you have more time to reflect. When it comes to company, make room for your inner circle, including your S.O.—and no one else. Your undivided attention is in high demand now: Be sure to give it to the most deserving. Feelings are your fuel, and this month, introspection puts you in touch with your inner power. Be fearless in plumbing your own emotional depths. See the rest of your February horoscope here….


You’re a force to be reckoned with on your own, Leo—but is it getting a little lonely at the top? Come join the other hunters and gatherers out on the savannah, Lion. All month, the Sun (your celestial guardian) is blazing through the most relationship-driven parts of your chart, reminding you how much of a tribal creature you are! Until February 18, el Sol is in Aquarius, your seventh house of committed partnerships and equality. In business and romance, you could link up with complementary souls to create win-win scenarios in boardrooms AND bedrooms. See the rest of your February horoscope here….


Didn’t get around to starting that 2017 health kick yet, Virgo? No beating yourself up allowed—and frankly, the stars aren’t even aligned for that. Your new year always begins on an indulgent note, because the Sun spends the first three weeks of each January in Capricorn and your decadent fifth house. Translation: You’re still sipping bourbon and nibbling the Christmas toffee well past Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. If you’ve been anxiety-eating to soothe your nerves about the world’s political climate or just feeling the general winter malaise, it’s time to mobilize—literally. See the rest of your February horoscope here….


Bring on the romance—with a heaping side of fun! You’re in cahoots with Cupid every February, as the charismatic Sun makes its annual trip through Aquarius until February 18. This transit awakens your fifth house of passion and creativity, emboldening you to wear your heart on your sleeve. Your sign can be conflict-averse, but this month you’ll put your opinions on loudspeaker—and frankly, that’s refreshing! Also pouring you a shot of courage: Assertive Mars spends the entire month in Aries and your partnership house. No more tiptoeing around the truth, Libra. See the rest of your February horoscope here….


“The home should be the treasure chest for living,” said Swiss architect Le Corbusier. These words are your guiding light as the Sun visits Aquarius and your domestic zone until February 18. Slow down and reflect. Connect to family, your living situation, a cherished memory or relic that makes you feel rooted and safe. To get you thinking in this direction, check out these responses from a few New York transplants on what they conceive of as “home.” Your anchors—sentimental or otherwise—deserve some TLC now. Invite loved ones over for a cozy, home-cooked lasagna dinner and a night of reminiscing. The fourth house rules women, so send a handwritten note of appreciation to your mom, a female friend or a maternal figure. See the rest of your February horoscope here….


Chat ’em up, Archer! The Sun is in Aquarius and your talkative third house until February 18, putting you in social spirits. Start spreading a message and making your famously fiery opinions heard. The third house rules neighborhoods, so “go local” and see what you can discover (or stir up) in your own area. Connect with kindred spirits through meetups and social media, as these stars spark exciting synergies. With energizing Mars in Aries heating up your passionate fifth house all month, connections might turn romantic. See the rest of your February horoscope here….


Productivity is your main mission this month—at least for the first three weeks. The Sun is marching through Aquarius and your second house of finance and security until February 18, putting you in an “all business” mindset. Forget the chatty lunches and coffee-cart runs with your coworkers: It’s time to be economical with your precious hours. Stability is where it’s at now—just the way Capricorn likes it. See the rest of your February horoscope here….


Get ready for your closeup! Until February 18, the Sun is blazing through Aquarius and your first house of self, putting you in the spotlight. Grab the metaphorical bullhorn (or a real one) and speak up. Your sign has a tendency to play nice, but forget people-pleasing now. This assertive energy will help advance your cause. Champion your most heartfelt beliefs and passion projects and don’t go along with the herd just to be liked. All eyes are on you, so stand up and make this moment count! See the rest of your February horoscope here….


Slip into something REALLY comfortable, Pisces. The Sun is gliding through Aquarius and your twelfth house of rest and rejuvenation until February 18. Until then, don’t try to scale any career mountains or ramp up your social calendar. Err on the side of taking it easy. To restore your depleted energy, revive a yoga practice or hang out with nurturing people who (for once) don’t need to cry on your shoulder. Hermit mode won’t last forever, so make the most of these restorative vibes. See the rest of your February horoscope here….

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