How To Eat More Probiotics

Elizabeth Stein – author of new cookbook Eating Purely, and founder of natural food line Purely Elizabeth – was kind enough to give us six killer recipes packed with probiotics. But why the obsession with probiotics you might ask? Our go-to nutritionist Mikaela Reuben explained the health phenomenon:

“Fermented food has made a comeback in the world of foodies and health enthusiasts for its unique taste and incredible health benefits. So why are fermented foods beneficial? When we ferment cabbage into kraut or kimchi, milk into cheese, soybeans into miso or tempeh, and vegetables into pickles, we create lactic acid bacteria, which are more commonly referred to as probiotics. Through fermentation, dairy becomes more digestible as yogurt or kefir, as the lactose is destroyed by the bacteria. The “good” bacteria in these fermented foods help us restore a healthy digestive system by replenishing beneficial bacteria in our gut that fight off the bad bacteria, boost our immune system and prevent inflammation, to name just a few of a long list of benefits.”

Peruse above for six amazing recipes, easy to make at home, that are packed with probiotics!

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