What’s The Deal With Collagen?

Collagen has been all over our radar lately – in food magazines, on social media, in Bulletproof Coffee. What is it? Should we be getting more of it? We decided to put in a little research and give you the scoop on what collagen is and where to get more of it.

You know we love a good anti-aging & preventative routine, plus we’ve been seeing collagen peptides all over our social feeds recently. Curious if you should be getting more collagen? Read below for our findings….

Why you should be eating collagen:

For those Potatoheads who don’t know, collagen is a naturally occurring protein responsible for the cohesion, elasticity, and regeneration of skin; aka the beautiful fresh faced look we’re all constantly going for.

Maybe we’re born with it….maybe it’s collagen? For a growing number of women, the fibrous protein is the secret to glowing skin—not to mention shiny hair, strong nails, and even healthy digestion. Collagen production is a major part of looking young, we’ve learned. Collagen production decreases as we get older, which is partially responsible for premature aging. After the age of twenty-five, people are less efficient at making it, so your body just has to get it from other sources.

Collagen helps protect the skin from premature aging by working from within. By boosting collagen production as well as protecting collagen from damage, you’ll be able to notice a little more spring in your skin. Try pulling on the skin on the back of your hand; if it snaps back quickly and feels firm to the touch, collagen is doing it’s job. Diets high in collagen are responsible for keeping your skin looking smooth and radiant, especially as you age.

How can you eat more of it?

You’ve probably seen Vital Proteins’ collagen supplements on your Instagram feed; wellness stars love to mix it with their coffee. The collagen in Vital Proteins’ supplement promotes younger looking skin, improves skin moisture level, skin smoothness and suppleness and helps eliminate signs of deep wrinkles. Yes, your nightly face cream probably boasts the same results. but we also love beauty from the inside out here at TNP. Maintaining and building collagen internally promotes anti-inflammatory actions that help heal damaged and inflamed skin, improve bone and joint health, and helps in weight management.

It even comes in new grab-and-go versions (from brands Epic and Bonafide Provisions), and there is a growing trend of amino-acid-packed nutrition bars (from Bulletproof and Primal Kitchen). We like these after a tough workout as a replacement for our protein shakes. 

Bottled drinks, like Dirty Lemon and Fountain, have added collagen to their “beauty” tonics. Grab one in the afternoon to stay hydrated!

Another way to up your collagen production is with bone broth. Bone broth is rich in the amino acid proline, which you need for collagen formation. It comes from the bones of animals, particularly cows. 

Make your collagen even more productive – pair it with Vitamin C!

Vitamin C is used in the body to build collagen, which is essential to the production of new hair cells. Vitamin C makes it easier for the body to absorb iron, so it is extra important to consume vitamin C alongside iron-rich foods. Vitamin C also protects the hair against free radicals which causes damage. Basically, it amplifies whatever nutrients you’re already getting and makes them more powerful – yes, please.

Add these probiotics to your diet to get clear skin, then try making your own bone broth!