Your Wellness Horoscope!

From Ophira and Tali Edut, The Astrotwins

Feeling great from the inside out in 2017 begins with a reality check. Structured Saturn rounds out its tour of indulgent Sagittarius through December, helping us find the right balance between decadence and discipline. While it won’t be a year for fad diets, or obsessive exercise, it will be an empowered cycle for discovering that happy, healthy medium.

Speaking of balance, expansive Jupiter is in aesthetic Libra, the sign of the scales, until October 10. This could leave some of us a bit appearance obsessed. Step away from the mirror if you start to fixate! Aim for equilibrium with all of your 2017 fitness and eating plans. Calming Libra is more about gentle movement and slow, sensual eating, than hyperactive “power yoga” or extreme diets and detoxes.

Core strength can become a keystone of your 2017 regimen.

Slow and steady wins the race—whether your goal is weight management, improving your health stats or creating a lifestyle that nourishes and sustains you in the long run. Read below for our top five wellness goals for 2017 & how to achieve them….

1. Aim for moderation, avoid extremes.

In 2016, Jupiter’s tour through health-conscious Virgo rang in a heyday for the wellness industry. But has the overpriced cold-pressed juice revolution reached its saturation point? In 2017, decadent Jupiter in mild-mannered Libra can bring us back to a place of moderation.

Jupiter will visit Libra through October 10, 2017, emphasizing balance. Hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation, anyone? Get your roots firmly planted in Tree Pose; stretch your arms to the sky and embrace all activities that help you reestablish an even keel. Libra rules the lower back and our posture, which means we all can benefit form strengthening our core to help prevent us from slouching. Yoga teacher and Libra (and Astrostyle’s Executive Editor) Andrea Rice, recommends this core-strengthening yoga sequence to alleviate lower back pain or discomfort. Since most of us are guilty as charged for sitting too much and therefore, compromising the health of our lower back, core strength can become a keystone of your 2017 regimen.

Libra also oversees the kidneys, skin, lumbar region and buttocks (hmmm, maybe that explains Libra Kim Kardashian’s healthy assets..?). Some squats and planks will get your booty and core in fighting shape! Natural skincare products and even “holistic facials” (yes, they’re a thing) could become an even bigger trend this year.

The kidneys process our body’s intake, so you might add some detoxifying practices to your day. Start your morning with a cup of hot water with fresh lemon to flush your system. These kidney-friendly foods will keep your system running. And if nothing else, hydrate by drinking plenty of water. On that note, Libra is the sign of justice, so consider making a donation to a clean-water campaign like Charity Water or the Tom’s shoes safe drinking water program.

2. Put some healthy decadence on your plate.

With restrictive Saturn in indulgent Sagittarius until December, 2017, your appetites for excess will get a stern reality check between now and then. Saturn’s censuring influence will empower you to say no to any unhealthy habits—but adventurous Sagittarius will prevent us from going to self-denying extremes.

Reach for a healthy tonic or Kombucha over that glass of rosé, or a salted caramel cashew ice cream over a heaping bowl of the dairy-based dessert. Lessen your intake of inflammatory foods, like gluten, sugar and artificial stuff like diet soda. Worldly Sagittarius thrills at discovering new spices and international ingredients. Reach for the turmeric instead of the Tums and your digestive system will thank you!

Structured Saturn rules the skin, teeth and bone structure. This gives even more credence to Jupiter in Libra’s push for core strength, better balance and keeping the kidneys flushed. If you haven’t visited the dentist in the past six months, book that appointment, stat!

As Saturn transits through Sagittarius—the zodiac sign ruled by Jupiter, the mythic god of feast—the contrast can inspire a healthy epicurean movement in your kitchen. You and your friends may come up with creative ways to gather, cooking up a bountiful plant-based spread that doesn’t put you all into a food coma afterward.

3. Make the morning your new best friend.

Rise and grind? 2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster, a time to get serious about self-care. Get up as the rooster crows and get into your morning practices! Whether you meditate for 20 minutes before work, or roll out of bed and into a class before breakfast, the Fire Rooster favors discipline, routine and monitoring your process. Download a fitness tracker or accessorize with a “wearable fitness” device to help get you into the groove. Unsure how to sit still for five minutes, let alone meditate? Choose from the plethora of meditation apps out there for every type of personality. The fastidious, Virgoan influence of the Fire Rooster also urges us to embrace preventive medicine, ranging from scheduling your long-overdue checkups, to massages, acupuncture and taking your vitamins. Make time to de-stress, relax and balance your busy life with some fun and playtime.

The Year of the Fire Rooster is also a fertile one. 2017 may become quite the “laying season” for many of us, whether those golden eggs are actual babies or our creative brain child. If you’re eagerly trying to procreate, download a period tracker and start clocking your body’s cycle. If rocking the cradle isn’t on your agenda, take care of your body and use proper protection if you fall in the baby-making demographic.

4. Tend to your inner well-being, too.

Let’s get metaphysical, baby! Starting on October 10, Jupiter settles into transformative Scorpio, so it’s time to go within and explore your psyche. Psychology and mental health are ruled by this sign, so new therapy methods may emerge, as neuroscience and transformation therapy become even more the rage this year. Greater awareness of mental health issues and personality disorders may also come to the fore, helping us all understand widespread human struggles a bit better.

Under mystical Scorpio’s domain, energy healing and energy medicine could also see breakthroughs. Try exploring the realm of crystals, cleansing rituals, or transcendental meditation. Read up different types of healers and find one that resonates with your needs. While a shamanistic vision quest with ayahuasca may not be your speed, there’s an alternative healing lid for every pot. Jupiter in Scorpio will help you don your detective’s chapeau and research the options!

5. Break through addictive patterns.

As Jupiter in Scorpio tempts us all to live on the edge, addiction and recovery from it may come under the spotlight in 2017. Scorpio’s all-or-nothing approach to life will force you to face your demons square on and finally get the help you need. If you’re dealing with substance issues, check yourself into a center, brave a 12-step program, or embrace holistic recovery methods. We all get addicted to something—work, relationships, sugary snacks. With philosophical Jupiter here, we’re encouraged to look at the underlying emotions that drive us to mindlessly reach for a vice, whether it’s chardonnay, chocolate, or your iPhone.

Jupiter in inquisitive Scorpio could lead to breakthroughs in research, especially around diseases spread through infections and the blood. Feeling low-energy? Get a complete set of blood panels done by your functional medicine doctor to make sure you’re solid on iron, magnesium, Vitamin D and other crucial components.

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