5 Links We Love

You’re made it the second weekend of 2017, Potatoheads, congratulations! Maybe you’re still working toward that six pack or maybe you’ve given up on your resolutions. Either way, we bet you could use some light reading this weekend to wind down from the workweek. We’ve got everything from SAD lights to trendy NYC workout classes on deck this week. You’re welcome…

Got a case of the winter blues? Maybe it’s time to invest in a SAD lamp; they may not be super aesthetically pleasing, but sign us up if they work.

Dry January isn’t exactly our scene, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a fabulous mocktail. We’re loving this one from Camille Styles; it’s perfect for a brunch with girlfriends this weekend.

As female bosses, we always strive to support other women in the workplace. Read this piece from the Atlantic on what workplaces look like when women are in charge.

Love The Crown? Just started watching (like us) and are thoroughly obsessed? Follow along with the Fug Girls’ recaps; we love them almost as much as we love Claire Foy’s Queen Elizabeth.

We might not have the body of a celebrity, but we can at least workout like one with these classes. Hey, if they’re good enough for Kate Hudson and Bella Hadid, they’re certainly good enough for us.

Happy reading!


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