Become A Morning Workout Person

Listen, Potatoheads, we’re not morning workout people. The thought of getting up an extra hour earlier than we have to is enough to make us hide under the sheets. But we’re trying to really commit to our fitness goals in 2017 – and actually putting aside the time for a workout is one of them. We consulted Erika Bloom, pilates instructor to the stars, for some tips. Read them below, and set your alarm for an early workout tomorrow….

  1. Get a good night sleep. Ensure your bedroom is dark room, ban electronics from the bedroom or use a blue light app to eliminate stimulating light, and keep any caffeine consumption to the morning.
  2. Don’t drink alcohol late the night before a morning workout. Alcohol disrupts sleep and leaves you feeling groggy in the morning.
  3. Lay your workout clothes out the night before. It’s one less step keeping you from getting there.
  4. Try eating two small breakfasts: one before the workout and one after. This fuels the workout and then gives you sustenance to go out and take on the day.
  5. Start the morning with breathing. Sometimes we stress about the busy-ness of the day. Take it one step at a time. Wake up and take a few deep breaths to energize and focus your body and mind.
  6. Choose a workout you love. If you dread your workouts, you’ll never look forward to them and getting some enjoyment from them is half the battle.
  7. Don’t hit the snooze button. If you wake up earlier than the alarm, get up and start your day. If you sleep to the alarm, wake up and commit to your workout. This way you won’t linger in bed, fall back asleep, and miss your workout. 
  8. Remember you’ll feel happier, more energized and alert all day long from your morning workout.

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