10 Ways To Live With Less

2017 is all about getting rid of things that are holding us back: fear, negativity, expired mascara. We have big things to focus on this year, and clutter is the last thing we need getting in our way. Figuring out what to keep and what to toss can feel overwhelming, which is why we’re breaking down how to live with less. Start following these 10 tips, and you’ll be living a less cluttered life ASAP…

1. Start with a closet clean-out. Go through your drawers and closets and decide what you wear and what you don’t. The three week rule of thumb is a good one; haven’t worn it in three weeks? Toss or donate.

2. Pack your summer clothes into boxes for the winter, and vice versa. You get to keep your favorite pieces, just tucked away. Even if you’re not actually living with less, you’ll certainly feel freer having room in your closet.

3. Pare down your accessories. Truth be told, you really only need to keep a few bags handy; the rest can be stored. We say invest in a classic black shoulder bag, a light clutch, and a larger tote sized carry-all.

4. Same goes for your winter accessories – hats, scarves, gloves. Keep the basics, toss the rest. Then store them efficiently; we like towel racks that you hang over the door. Take them out for winter, use to hang your hats and scarves, then put away come spring.

5. Analyze your makeup collection. Toss anything that is expired, you don’t use, or don’t really love. Those clunky palettes with dozens of colors? They take up too much space, and let’s be honest, you probably only use two or three. Buy smaller single shades to free up space and live with less.

6. Keep momentos – family photos, special ticket stubs, dried flowers – in bright boxes like this one. You’ll free up space while keeping the important things safe. Bonus – in boxes, they’re easily accessible in case of an emergency.

7. Go through your silverware. You honestly only need four knives in your kitchen, not an entire block. Invest in a chef’s knife, a paring knife, a serrated bread knife, and a set of steak knives.

8. Our kitchens have, quite literally, dozens of mugs. Do we need them? Not at all. Pick your favorites and donate the rest; we say keep enough on hand that if you had say 8 people over for coffee, you’d be covered.

9. Toss your old technology or recycle it. Old smart phones and iPods take up valuable space, and you’ll never need them again. Trust us on this one.

10. Consider investing in a Kindle and other multipurpose devices. We’re talking combined washer-dryers, mixers that will spiralize veggies, blenders that also work as juicers, coffee machines that steam milk. Single-function devices take up excess space and add clutter; cut down with one device that will do it all.

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