7 Tips To Lose Weight & Tone

Scroll through above for 7 ways to lose weight and tone!

Whether you’re struggling to shed those five annoying pounds you gained over the holidays (that seem to be hanging on for dear life), or striving for that magic number on the scale, losing weight while toning is no easy feat. Not all of us have the metabolism of a hummingbird, and we just don’t have the stamina or patience for the newest fad diet. But wouldn’t it be nice to pull a Miranda and be able to comfortably squeeze back into our beloved old pair of skinny jeans again? That’s where exercise and diet come in. It’s no secret that one of our favorite ways to sweat is on the bike, and SoulCycle trainer extraordinaire Akin Akman has some tips for ways we can all optimize weight loss. Your tush will thank you later…

Akin also gave us a few quick butt, ab and leg workouts to do at home. 

*Feature image from SELF Magazine.