3 Ancient Seeds & How To Eat Them

Scroll through above for the best ancient seeds & ways to eat them!

From GoMacro. 

Looking for something different, tasty and healthy to integrate into your diet? Next time you’re at the grocery store, keep your eye out for various “ancient seeds.” They’re not hard to find and are a quick way to jazz up your meals. Quinoa, flax and hempseed all fall into a category of seeds that can often be traced back hundreds or even thousands of years and are much more nutritious than refined grain products, such as white flour. These “ancient seeds” have nutritional properties that are highly beneficial, and they can be prepared easily as well.

Added bonus? They also taste great; which is likely why they’ve stood the test of time. In addition to these nutritive properties, ancient seeds are usually able to be grown with lower levels of pesticides and fertilizers, meaning they’re better for the environment. Scroll through above for the three best ancient seeds and how to eat them!

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