Actress Eden Sher

Actress Eden Sher is a self-proclaimed sufferer of dyscommunicatia – noun: the inability to articulate a feeling through words. Truthfully, we’ve often felt the same way, particularly when it comes to describing our obsession with food. Luckily, Sher has a whole slew of new words for us to use in her new book, THE EMOTIONARY: A Dictionary of Words that Don’t Exist for Feelings That Do. Read below for the scoop on Sher’s favorite The Middle memories, workouts she finds overrated, and her weeknight dinner savior. Spoiler: turns out she’s a major foodie. Actresses – they’re just like us!

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

Wake up: Breakfast burrito

Snack: Apples and peanut butter

Lunch: A big ass salad with spinach, beets, pine nuts, goat cheese

Snack: Avocado with salt, pepper and lemon

Dinner: In-N-Out Burger (#2 with a Chocolate Shake)

How do you always start your day? What’s your go-to breakfast?

OPTION 1: A big-ass waffle with whipped cream and butter

OPTION 2: Apples and peanut butter

OPTION 3: Many bowls of cereal (My go-to’s are Trader Joe’s version of LIFE, Special K, or the Trader Joe’s version of Honey Bunches of Oats.)

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

I  have daily plank-holding competitions with my friends and boyfriend. I credit my bangin’ bod to my unhealthy obsession with winning. Also I do a shit-ton of Pilates – used mostly as training for Plank Competitions.

I’ve learned all that makes someone “beautiful” is thinking you’re cool, which I maintain by winning Plank Competitions. Also I try to eat two servings of spinach (or comparable roughage) for every In-N-Out burger I consume in order to poop at least once a day.

What’s the most exciting thing about working on The Middle?

Knowing that when I get to work, there will be any food item in the world provided for me to choose from (for free!) and all the Peanut Butter a girl could hope for!

You’ve been working with your cast and crew since 2009 – what has it been like growing up with them? Does it feel like a real family?

It is amazing and special and surreal and bewildering and sometimes I cry thinking about when the show is over and I won’t get to see these people every day in the future. I have probably farted more in front of these people than I have in front of my own actual family. I also sometimes refer to Charlie [McDermott, who plays my brother Axl, and is one of my best friends] as the brother I never had, which is adorable and also completely insane, as I have two actual brothers in real life. (Whom, I should add, I love very much.)

Your new book is all about not necessarily having the right words for certain feelings, so making them up. Any made up words to express an interview with The New Potato?


presentanxious (presentation + anxious)

adj. nervous or self-conscious about having to promote oneself and/or an immensely personal project

When it’s overly hopeful…

incredulation (incredulous + elation)

n. the surprised excitement of having something go exceptionally well

What about words to both act and eat by?

Well I don’t really have *advice* oriented words in terms of food because I’m horrible with food, but here are three words I made up, which pretty much encompass my eating habits:

snacktivity (snack + activity)

n. the act of eating purely for recreation

miserafull (miserable + full)

adj. mentally and physically pained from continuing to eat past the point of being hungry

DINES (Debilitating Infinite Need to Eat Syndrome)

n. the disorder requiring one to compulsively eat food if it is in front of oneself even when one is not hungry, especially when said food is free

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? The worst?

The best: In comparison to the vast universe, we are pretty insignificant – none of this really matters!

The worst: In comparison to the vast universe, we are pretty insignificant – none of this really matters.

What always makes you laugh?

My dog interacting with our Roomba, or himself in the mirror. Also this YouTube video from eight years ago called “Dramatic Chipmunk.”

What’s your go-to lunch on set? Go-to set snacks?

Lots of terrible things for you (garlic bread, mac & cheese, burger, anything catering has that day in that vein) hidden under a massive heap of spinach. Snacks are apples and peanut butter, banana and peanut butter, cereal, and cereal with peanut butter.

Where do you love to travel? What won’t you travel without?

I really can’t think of a place I wouldn’t go to – I don’t really have a regular spot because I try not to go to the same place twice. I can’t waste any time on repeat adventures (although I do find myself in NY/SF pretty regularly).

I won’t go anywhere without my fanny pack, which contains (along with the basics of wallet, keys, etc.) sunscreen, Shout wipes, bandaids, Benadryl, pepper spray, ear plugs, flossers, chapstick, external battery, headphones, contact solution, listerine pocket packs, a granola bar (or something comparable) and several bobby pins.

What’s your idea of the perfect smoothie? The perfect salad?

Banana and peanut butter. Alternatives include: banana, chocolate and peanut butter, or vanilla and peanut butter, peanut butter and peanut butter.

A perfect salad has spinach, beets, goat cheese, pine nuts, avocado, bacon, and some variation of honey mustard dressing.

Do you like to cook? What’s a go-to for you? If not, what’s your go to takeout order?

Shout out to Blue Apron – I never cooked before and now thanks to Blue Apron I’m a cooking machine. (For the record, I have zero association with Blue Apron, I’m just a literal walking commercial for them. Blue Apron if you’re reading this, I am a walking commercial for you will you please send me free stuff?)

My go-to’s are whatever BA sends me, anything with peanut butter. I mean literally anything – name a food and it probably will be improved by adding peanut butter. The only foods that have ever proven that theory wrong have been watermelon and cantaloupe/honey dew), and then as a last resort, whatever dumb healthy shit my boyfriend has in the house; he’s all about that quinoa/healthy proteins/other things that are good for you that I only eat when there’s nothing good left.

In the same vein as ‘what is the new black’ in fashion, what’s the new potato right now?

I’m not sure if this answer is supposed to be something specifically in fashion, but I don’t really know anything about fashion so I’m gonna say the new potato is Brian K. Vaughan’s new comic series “Paper Girls.” You can’t wear it but you can read it – or you can cut up the pages and stitch them to cloth and make a dress out of them! The colors are amazing it actually might make a super cute dress.

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