Designer Kate Valentine Spade

Iconic designer Kate Spade dresses the quintessential uptown girl. You know the kind: she’s eternally put together, somehow matches her umbrella to her bag, never spills when she wears a cream sweater nor forgets her keys at home. When we sat down with the designer, we weren’t surprised to see that she is just as polished and whimsical as the clothing and accessories she has always designed. We talked about everything from Spade’s ideal food day to her tricks to graceful aging. Read below for the designer’s take on the relationship between food and fashion, etiquette and the like: It’s the perfect start to your weekend….

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day? 

Huevos rancheros for breakfast, a green shake for lunch, and fried chicken for dinner with lots of mashed potatoes.

What’s your morning and nightly beauty routines?

Skin Medica TNS Essential Serum and HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator.

What’s the trick to aging gracefully, what are your must-have anti-aging products?

Seasonal Fraxel treatments.

What parallels do you two see between the worlds of food and fashion?

Both go through trends and are constantly evolving.

What’s your personal definition of good content in a world so inundated with content?

That it is interesting and has integrity.

How do you have to evolve your brand in terms of digital? What advice do you have to designers just starting out? 

Fortunately my husband loves taking photographs and loves Instagram. Listen to others, but follow your own instincts.

How has the food industry changed since your career started? What about the fashion industry? 

Up until ten years ago, nobody even mentioned organic food, and now it’s everywhere. Social media has changed the fashion industry.

What are your favorite things to cook with your husband? 

Thanksgiving dinner.

Where do you two travel or what do you do for inspiration?

This year I’m going to Morocco, but my favorite place is Mexico – friendly people, dry weather, beautiful culture.

What won’t you travel without? 

Hair dryer.

What are you bathroom essentials?

Creme de la Mer, Cetaphil cleanser and lotion.

What item should every woman own?

Emily Post’s Etiquette book.

What do you always like to put out when hosting a dinner party? What do you usually bring to one as a guest?

Fresh coral peonies when in season. I don’t bring flowers as a guest; I usually send flowers after the fact as a thank you.

What’s the quintessential dinner party faux pas as a host/hostess? As a guest?

Making someone do the dishes is a faux pas for a hostess. Sending flowers in advance of a party, for a guest.

Best gift to give at a wedding?

Luxury linens. 

What are your favorite restaurants in New York City and for what? 

Nobu 57.  We love everything there.

The person you haven’t gotten to dress, that you’d like to?

I’d love to see Kate Moss in a pair of Frances Valentine shoes.

Who do you believe you were in a past life?

I’d like to say Katharine Hepburn but probably more like Phyllis Diller. 

In the same vein as what is the new black in fashion, what’s the new potato right now?

My favorite, mashed.

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Kate Spade, photographed in New York, NY by Danielle Kosann