Your December Horoscope

From Ophira and Tali Edut, The Astrotwins

Hard to believe that 2016 is almost over—and for some people, it’s not a moment too soon. Luckily, it’s Sagittarius season until December 21, a time of expansion, generosity and open-mindedness. We could all use the Archer’s global and multicultural awareness more than ever now.

Could some productive dialogue be part of the deal? December 13 brings the year’s final full moon—a supermoon in garrulous Gemini. If we play our cards right, this could be a fruitful time for communication, clearing the air and partnering up with a kindred spirit or two.

Best to get it all out in the open then. Mercury will go retrograde on December 19 in Capricorn until January 8. Interestingly, this is also the day of the Electoral College final decision for who will be U.S. President. Capricorn is the sign of government, patriarchy and men—this could affect the outcome, especially since fiery Mars will end its run through Aquarius, the sign of politics, that began on November 8 (Election Day in the U.S.). Whether or not the tides turn dramatically remains to be seen, but it IS certainly interesting that this nail-bitingly anticipated date coincides with two major transits.

Capricorn season begins on December 21, shifting from fiery Sag energy to stabilizing earth energy. Then, December 29 brings a goal-focused Capricorn new moon—a great time to make 2017 resolutions a couple days early, since new moons give all our initiatives extra oomph.

The Christmas-Hanukkah weekend is major. Uranus, the planet of sudden changes, will make two rare and groundbreaking aspects. On December 24, radical Uranus will form a golden trine to structured Saturn, a curious mix of old and new. Both planets are in action-oriented fire signs, which could awaken a powerful need for the “establishment” to work in harmony with forward-thinking and humanitarian groups. But make no mistake—these cosmic negotiations could get intense, as Saturn and Uranus are pretty much polar opposites in their ideologies.

Luckily, the two “benefics”—loving Venus and optimistic Jupiter—will form a second trine on December 25 that will bring peaceful and open-hearted energy to this weekend. Holiday weekend proposals, anyone?

The next day, Jupiter will form a rare opposition to Uranus, a faceoff that only happens every 14 years. This could bring erratic mood swings and knee-jerk reactions. People could act impulsively, making snap decisions that throw everything into chaos. (Election recount curveball, perhaps?) Expect the unexpected for the last week of 2016, especially as Uranus ends a five-month retrograde backspin on December 29.

Keep your wits about you, too. For the past several years, we have observed that there have been public acts of violence as unstable Uranus stations into forward (direct) motion. Stay safe.

New Year’s Eve features the moon and Venus both in humanitarian Aquarius, still in a happy trine to Jupiter in lovely Libra. Energetic Mars and escapist Neptune will also be united in Pisces, which is another curious and potentially combustible mix. On the upside, this could be a night of deep compassion or smoldering romantic fantasies come to life. But it also has the potential for some buried and shadowy forces to emerge from hiding—and for some champagne-fueled feuds to escalate. So again, keep your wits about you as the calendar turns.

Read below for your individual sign’s horoscope….


Go forth and make merry! The Sun is in Sagittarius and your buoyant, optimistic ninth house until December 21, putting you in full-on festive form for holiday party season. You’re bubbling over with excitement and grand ideas, so share that contagious enthusiasm with the world. With el Sol in your philosophical ninth house, you may also have some much-needed wisdom to share with the world, especially after an emotionally pummeling election season. Go ahead and post those inspirational memes on your social media feeds, send out uplifting cards or deliver a thought-provoking monologue via Facebook Live. See the rest of your December horoscope here, Aries!


Cozy up by the fire, Taurus. The Sun is making its annual sojourn through Sagittarius until December 21, visiting your eighth house of intimacy, sex and shared finances. It can be an intense and focused time, when your awareness is concentrated on one special person or situation. Dive deep into finishing a project before the holidays, or do some year-end emotional contemplation. There’s probably a lot to process and sort, so choose your cocktail-gathering RSVPs discerningly. You’ll have plenty of time to kick up your platform heels between Christmas and New Year’s. Until then, you’re on a mission…or just really, really focused on your behind-closed-doors adventures with a seductive and special someone. See the rest of your December horoscope here, Taurus!


Dynamic duos are your December theme! The Sun makes its annual sojourn through the most collaborative and commitment-focused zones of your chart this month, a time to be less self-reliant and to reach out for support instead. Until December 21, it’s Sagittarius season, as El Sol heats up your seventh house of partnerships. Then, the calendar will turn on a more intimate note, as the Sun plunges into Capricorns and your private, transformational eighth house. See the rest of your December horoscope here, Gemini!


Happy, healthy holidays? The Sun makes its annual sojourn through Sagittarius and your wellness-focused sixth house until December 21, marking a slight inconvenience for your indulgence-loving sign. You could choose to partially ignore this phase, reveling in holiday sweets and bourbon-laced eggnog, and then repenting at the yoga studio. But you’ve also got a LOT to do during this busy and frantic starmap, so fending off a food coma or lingering hangover will only add to your stress. Mix in a few healthy appetizers like these and pace yourself. Eat something healthy before you hit those parties, so you’ll be less tempted to soothe social anxiety by mindlessly eating and drinking. See the rest of your December horoscope here, Cancer!


Lead with your heart, Leo! The Sun is in Sagittarius and your passionate, expressive fifth house until December 21. Your mistletoe game is on lockdown and you could be in serious demand at holiday parties, bringing joie de vivre and a touch of dramatic flair. Glam up for party season and don’t be afraid to voice your opinions—even about the controversial topics du jour. At the very least you can refuse to smile, nodding and gritting your teeth through someone’s offensive diatribe instead. It IS possible to lovingly but powerfully disagree, Leo. Under these authentic skies, you can wear your pride boldly on your sequined sleeve now. See the rest of your December horoscope here, Leo!


Home for the holidays? The Sun is making its annual foray through Sagittarius and your domestic fourth house until December 21, lending a cozy vibe to the season. Zhush your tasteful decorations and send out a Paperless Post for an intimate cocktail or dinner party at Chez Virgo. Reconnect with relatives via video chat and visits. Pull out the sleeper sofa or even take an impromptu trip to see them before the holiday mania kicks in. (There’s no rule that says you can only travel between Christmas and New Year’s!) Or, honor the Virgo need for solitude by savoring some self-care and downtime at home, filling up your tanks before your personal space gets invaded! See the rest of your December horoscope here, Virgo!


Get ready for a social whirlwind, Libra. The Sun is making its annual rounds through Sagittarius and your expressive, outgoing third house until December 21. Holiday party season was made for you, so let your vivacious side out in full force. Squeeze in those year-end lunch or cocktail meetings, send out a viral social media campaign for your business offerings, host an informal gathering so you can catch up with all your most important people at once. See the rest of your December horoscope here, Libra!


Plant your soles on terra firma, Scorpio. The Sun is in Sagittarius and your stabilizing second house until December 21, lending an air of practical sophistication to the month. Your mantra is “quality over quantity”—whether you’re decorating your home, deciding how to allocate your remaining work hours or shopping for gifts. Luckily, your naturally discerning tastes give you an editor’s eye, so there should be no tacky “elf on a shelf” horrors adorning YOUR mantle. Speaking of elves, you’ll be as productive as a sprite in Santa’s workshop during this busy solar cycle. Pause to prioritize—you’re only one person and you can only do so much! Since the second house rules sensuality, reward yourself with massages, mani-pedis, decadent hot cocoas, or your favorite form of earthly indulgence. See the rest of your December horoscope here, Scorpio!


Let loose and have a little fun, Sagittarius! A long and intense year is coming to a close—and it’s your time to celebrate…if only because you made it this far. The Sun is in Sagittarius until December 21, so stretch out your birthday season until the bitter end. Put your solo projects first and don’t feel bad about being a tad selfish. This is your time to revel in your freedom and take care of Numero Uno. See the rest of  your December horoscope here, Sagittarius!


Power down, Capricorn. The Sun is in Sagittarius and your restful twelfth house until December 21, a time to finish up your 2016 projects and clear the decks for the coming new year. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to hit every holiday party and corporate cocktail mixer you’re invited to—be selective with your RSVPs now. You could be busy taking care of a lot, so no need to add anything extra to your plate. Make sure you get enough time away from the fray to decompress, sleep in and escape into your own world as needed. While you’re at it, remind yourself that “no” is a complete sentence. This solar cycle can plunge you into martyr mode, with everyone leaning way too heavily on you. See the rest of your December horoscope here, Capricorn!


Let the festivities begin! The Sun is in Sagittarius until December 21, blazing a fiery trail through your eleventh house of group activity and networking. You’re in the zone here as the natural ruler of the zodiac’s eleventh house, bringing people together around a shared cause or mission. Gather your friends for some lighthearted fun as the year wraps up. With energizer Mars in Aquarius from November 8-December 19, your charisma and popularity are off the charts now. Talk about a holiday season bonus! See the rest of your December horoscope here, Aquarius!


Bring on the year-end #goals! The Sun is in Sagittarius and your lofty tenth house until December 21, giving you an extra shot of ambition to finish off 2016. While others are slowing down, you’re gearing up to finish strong and position yourself for some power moves after the calendar turns. See the rest of your December horoscope here, Pisces!