The Top 10 Dairy Alternatives

If we had a dime for every well-meaning friend who has told us to cut out dairy, we’d be able to retire. It’s trendy to choose dairy alternatives, with big names like Kourtney Kardashian, and nutritionists like our go-to alkaline guru Dr. Daryl Gioffre swearing off it. But we have to wonder: is it healthier for us to go without? Should we be cutting out dairy too?

We unashamedly love all things dairy – yogurt, butter, cheese – but it doesn’t always love us back. Dairy is linked to increased inflammation and can cause digestion problems, even in those of us who aren’t lactose intolerant. We’re choosing to swap in some delicious alternatives for our current dairy choices. Scroll through above for ten ways to replace milk, yogurt, and cheese. We promise: they’re so good, you won’t even miss milk.

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