How To Be More Confident

Scroll above for the best ways to boost confidence!

The very wise Blake Lively once said, “the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence,” and we couldn’t agree more! Your appearance means nothing if it’s not accompanied by a proud and confident demeanor.

Here at The New Potato, we understand that as women, we can be our own worst critics, and often we need a little extra help in the self appreciation department. So that’s why we brought in the big guns. We asked your favorite models, designers, actresses and tastemakers to offer some advice on how to boost ones confidence – and their tips did not disappoint.

From Sara Sampaio’s advice about focusing on the positives, to Lindsey Vonn’s tip of embracing one’s flaws, these wise words will have you signing James Brown’s “I Feel Good,” in the mirror in no time! Read through the quotes above and give yourself a break; you’re absolutely fabulous just the way you are dear Potatohead.

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