The Ultimate Guide to Asian Food in NY

Scroll through above for the ultimate guide to all kinds of Asian food around NYC!

Thanksgiving is over, which means we’ve officially survived our first holiday of the season, and are also quite full from an amalgam of leftovers. While we loved our sweet potato pies and extra helpings of stuffing, we now find ourselves craving distinctly Asian flavors. It’s a classic over-correction: We ate so much turkey that we now want the complete opposite. 

We’re talking spicy ginger, salty soy sauce, and intense umami. This weekend is one for maximum indulgence, so take a break from shopping and treat yourself to some delicious sesame noodles, egg rolls, sashimi or whatever Asian food strikes your fancy.  Scroll through above for the best Asian restaurants and takeout in the city. Chinese, Sushi, Thai: You name it, we’ve got it. 

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