5 Ways To Braid Your Hair

Winter wreaks havoc on our hair; we’re either frizzy or suffering from serious hat head. Throwing a hat on for our walk to the subway is the quickest way to keep warm, but it crimps our style – pun fully intended. Plus, we’ve got holiday gatherings coming up that we’d like to look a bit more festive for while still being as no-muss, no-fuss as possible.

This holiday season, we’re abandoning our blow-outs for easy to craft updo’s. We’re talking everything from quick skinny plaits to full-on boxer braids; they’re practically weather-indestructible. Read below for the five best braided hairstyles for the holiday season. We guarantee they’ll impress and hold up against even the toughest NYC winter winds….



A fishtail braid looks super festive for the holidays, especially when paired with some sparkly earrings and a statement coat. It’s best for gals with long hair, but can be done with shorter strands as well. Take your hair and divide into two sections at the nape of your neck. Starting from the back of one section, take a small strand of hair and wrap around the far side of its section then add it to the opposite section. Repeat on the other side. Continue all the way down, alternating sides.



This style is the answer to rocking second day hair. Spritz hair all over with dry shampoo, making sure to distribute evenly. Divide hair into two sections – top and bottom – at the crown. Add more dry shampoo to build volume at the crown, then braid simply. Tie with a satin ribbon, and add a few curls to the bottom section. Voila!



A crown braid looks tricky, but is deceptively simple. Starting on the left side of your part, French braid to the nape of your neck. Then adjust your hands and continue to braid until you reach the right side of your part. Take a bobby pin and tuck the ends of your braid into the starting point on the other side. Pro tip: Pull out a few strands to achieve an approachable, whimsical look.



*Photo of Vanessa Hudgens from Riawna Capri instagram, @riawnacapri.

You don’t have to be a braiding expert to make a braided high bun work. All you need to know is how to do a basic French braid. Start at the the crown, then divide hair into two sections – top and bottom. French braid bottom section, then pull up. Secure the braid with a few bobby pins. Pro tip: Match the bobby pin color to your hair or go bold with neon or rose gold pins – both big trends on the 2016 NYFW stages. Then pull the rest of the hair into a bun, with the end pieces of the braid. 



The boxer braids have been made super popular by the Kardashians; and we understand why. They’re hella chic and keep our hair stylish no matter the weather. All you have to do is a very tight French braid with a center part. One trick – instead of starting with the middle strand, however, start with the right and braid over instead of under. This will make the braid even tighter.

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