How To Decorate The Thanksgiving Table

We’ve hosted our fair share of dinner parties, but setting up a Thanksgiving dinner is a whole different ball game. The stakes are seriously high, and the pressure is on, plus you have an oversized turkey sitting in the oven. We’ve given you our favorite menus for Thanksgiving, now we’re presenting our guide to setting the Thanksgiving table. Read below for our ten tips to make your table shine; because you’ve got bigger things to worry about than place settings…

1. If you’re lucky enough to be in the suburbs for Thanksgiving, try going outside and collecting some seasonal things for the table. We like pine cones, vibrant leaves, and wildflowers. Mix some rubbing alcohol, water, and a drop of your favorite essential oil in a spray bottle and spray on collected items to kill any bugs or germs from outside.

2. Get different colored gourds and disperse them around the table. We recommended going to the farmer’s market to find small brightly colored varieties. Some favorites: golden acorn, delicata, sweet dumpling, and jack be little.

3. Upgrade the table with some hurricane candle holders. They’ll create a cozy atmosphere and contain the flame. Pro tip: get unscented candles, so as not to interfere with the delicious dinner smells.

4. Give your guests a seating card they’ll remember! We love a personal seating touch, like setting place cards with a box of macarons or a candle to take home.

5. Keep floral arrangements and candles close to the table. We like low-lying flowers – like mums or short peonies – for the big dinner. The shorter the arrangement, the easier it’ll be for your guests to converse and (more importantly) pass the turkey!

6. A tip from Bronson Van Wyck: “Keep it natural. Invest in some fresh greenery that looks festive and gives your home some color and a fresh fragrance of the season. I love lining tables and mantles with garlands of cedar, eucalyptus, juniper and pine. Don’t be intimidated by floral arrangements and go with greens instead.”

7. Make a small array of appetizers – a fruit tray, a few cheeses, crudite, spiced nuts – and leave them on the table. We know, you’d normally clear them before but integrate them into the table setting. They’ll be both part of the meal and the decorations!

8. Step up your napkin game. Invest in a higher quality fabric for your napkins; we like these in jewel tones. Trust us, it’s the little things our guests will be sure to appreciate.

9. Don’t want to splurge on flowers? Use succulents instead! Buy small potted succulents as a holder for place cards, then send home with your guests.

10. Make a cornucopia! We know, this sounds like a 1970’s tip, but they can be seriously chic. Fill a large brightly colored bowl with lemons, pomegranates, and squashes. The color will instantly brighten your table, and can be easily moved if there’s not enough space on the table.

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