Our Favorite Evening Sweaters

Scroll through above for the best evening sweaters!

Listen, Potatoheads, the cold is coming. We’ve had temperate weather so far, but it’s November, and we’re bound for a cold snap any day now. You know what we’re talking about: the kind of cold that seeps into your bones and gets under your skin. It’s bad in the day, but it only get worse at night. This makes “going out” a not-so -easy task, especially since we aren’t the kind of girls that will sport fishnets or bare legs in sub-zero weather.

This is why evening sweaters are our jam. They’re slightly fancier than our daily cropped sweaters and are more form fitting than our go-to chunky knits. Scroll through above for our favorite evening sweaters; they’ll keep you warm and stylish…

Pair your evening sweater with a pair of our favorite flatforms, then head to one of our favorite cozy restaurants.