Tie Your Scarf Like a French Girl

Why is it when we walk around the streets of Paris, we feel like French girls wear their scarves way better than we do? It seems they effortlessly know how to tie them and make them look flawlessly chic in seconds, and let’s face it: A good scarf makes an outfit.  Feel the same? Read below for 5 tips – inspired by some of our favorite French women from Clemence Poesy to Garance Dore – to quickly tie your scarf the perfect way; aka the French way.

1. Master the ‘French Knot.’


This style literally takes seconds to do and is an easy way to elevate a basic look. Loop your scarf then wrap around your neck, with the loop and loose ends in the front. Pull the loose ends through the loop for a style that will look casual but keeps the scarf in place.

2. Throw one end over your shoulder.


This look says “I just threw this on,” and to do it, you literally throw a scarf on. Wrap around your neck with the ends facing front, then toss one over your left shoulder with your right hand. we recommend pinning for maximum staying power.

3. The loose knot.


Fold a square scarf in half crosswise, so it makes a large triangle. Wrap around your neck, with the point of the triangle hanging down your back and the ends in the front. Knot a decent distance away from your neck. You want it to have enough space to pull your shirt collar through.

4. The Instagram scarf.


You’ve seen this look everywhere, and love it. Get yourself a square silk scarf then fold it in half to make a triangle. Starting with the pointy-side, fold until you have a long flat skinny scarf. Wrap around your neck with the ends facing front and tie close to the neck. Loop into a bow if you’re feeling whimsical.

5. The bigger the scarf, the better.


If all else fails, just throw a huge khaki scarf around your neck and let the ends hang loose. Top with a felt hat, and the look is complete. If anyone questions it, say you were inspired by Clemence Poesy. And hey – if it gets cold on the subway, you’ll practically have a blanket to curl up in!

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