The High Bun 3 Ways

Mondays are hard. We wake up and stumble toward the mirror, frequently running later than we’d like: Plus we’re just scared of all the catch up we have to play. The best way to counteract the Monday blues? With easy ways to make your hair look great.

Though twisting your hair into a perfect bun can be a challenge before coffee, we’re here to round up the best ways to craft a high bun below. We all agree that a solid coif can make your whole day, plus your whole week, so let’s dedicate a story to it…



The top knot of your dreams, the ballerina bun is arguably the most stylish and appears to be the most challenging of all the high buns. It is deceptively simple, though, with the right tools and tricks up your sleeve. Come prepared with silk hair ties and a shine serum. Pull hair into a high ponytail, then tie. Apply shine serum to the ends and wrap around the base of the ponytail. Secure with another hair tie, and voila – ballerina bun achieved! 



This style is simultaneously mocked and praised, but disregarding how you think they look on your man, we can all agree that the half up/half down “man bun” style looks fabulous on women. Take a cue from the boys, ladies, and wear this style with days-old curly hair. The texture will add to the style, giving off that effortless “I woke up like this” vibe we all strive for. Crafting this bun is pretty easy: pull hair at the crown into a ponytail two times, not pulling it through fully on the third. Some sea salt texturizing spray will help build volume, and a light misting will help keep the bun in place.



*Photo of Vanessa Hudgens from Riawna Capri instagram, @riawnacapri.

You don’t have to be a braiding expert to make a braided high bun work. All you need to know is how to do a basic French braid. Start at the the crown, then divide hair into two sections – top and bottom. French braid bottom section, then pull up. Secure the braid with a few bobby pins. Pro tip: match the bobby pin color to your hair or go bold with neon or rose gold pins – both big trends on the 2016 NYFW stages. Then pull the rest of the hair into a bun, with the end pieces of the braid. 

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