The Truth About Wellness Fads

Scroll through above for the truth behind the buzziest wellness fads!

We’re inundated by nutritional information nowadays. Someone is always telling us to eat more of x, less of y; one day they’re saying eggs are bad for us, and the next day eggs will cure all of our problems. This always makes us wonder: How many of the supposed facts we hear about food are actually true? And what are myths?

It’s gotten to the point where we all start to feel like food is the enemy, which is of course UNACCEPTABLE. Food will always, forever be the Beyoncé to our hearts, minds and stomachs. 

Unfortunately, all the fads have made us food hypochondriacs in a sense. Is dairy actually bad for us? Should we be avoiding gluten? We put in the research, Potatoheads, and compiled all of our newfound nutritional knowledge in this handy dandy guide to wellness fads. Scroll through above for the truth on good fats, dairy, nightshades and much more…

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