Our Favorite Affordable Statement Jackets

Scroll above for the best lower cost statement jackets!

A statement jacket can literally make an outfit: It can literally make a season. But here’s the rub: we all have that one item in our closets, that one you spent a fortune on and only wore once. We’ve all spent too much money on fashionable pieces we buy on (chances are) A Sex and the City whim, that we grow to hate and then let collect dust in storage.

This season, we’re making the choice to invest in ourselves instead of our closets. Don’t get us wrong, we’ll still be buying the pieces we covet, just at a reasonable price point. Scroll above for our favorite fur jackets under $200 – because looking good and having money in the bank aren’t mutually exclusive.

Learn how to layer your new jacket with fall’s mainstays; pair it with a giant sweater and you’re set all winter long.