Where To Stay in Barcelona

From EIC Laura Kosann.

At El Palauet – one of my new favorite hotels in Barcelona – you’re not “staying” as much as you’re living – living in luxury that is. A nod to the new Airbnb culture, El Palauet makes you feel like you’re simply gliding into a new dream home for a few days, or a week if you’re lucky…or forever if you’re like me and hope to stay – well – forever.

Walking up the steps to the “hotel” feels a bit like being invited to a dinner party at a tasteful yet luxe townhouse on Fifth Avenue, or Paris’ Rue St. Honore, or in this case Barcelona’s Passeig De Gracias. The aesthetic of both the lobby and its suites is this perfect mix of Catalan modernism and classic grandeur. And the area? It’s simply a world of residential heaven, just a stone’s throw away from Barcelona’s Madison Avenue, befit with all the Gaudi sights and tapas restaurants a girl could ask for.

The young staff who greets you at the door exudes an air which implies that they have the keys to the best secrets of the city. A charming man named Christian then explained that he would be our “personal assistant” 24/7 for anything we needed throughout our stay.

We took this with a grain of salt, but soon learned Christian was not messing around. But I digress…let’s first talk about our suite: The Mezzanine Tibidabo (aka, heaven on earth).

Upon walking in, we were greeted by a stunning semicircular stained glass window, with breathtaking views of both the Tibidabo mountain and Pompeya convent. The room boasted two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and a private terrace. The best part? It was just modern enough. Some hotels these days go overboard with what’s contemporary and make you feel a bit like you’re in a spaceship; El Palauet hits you with just the right amount.

So let’s get back to Christian…It was a bit like having our own personal Anthony Bourdain, Christian held the keys to all the best spots to eat, drink, “art” and shop in the city. Not only could he recommend them to us, but he could also book us anywhere we wanted. It is this deep concierge element that makes El Palauet even more special than it already is.

What’s more, upon ordering breakfast the next morning, it wasn’t a typical room service cart that came up – quite the contrary. It was Christian who arrived bright and early with a cart of fresh ingredients to make us breakfast in our kitchen as we read the paper in the living room.

That’s the thing about this hotel: It’s not so much a place that you stay, but a place that you have always dreamed of living in. And shouldn’t that be what you’re doing on vacation?

Notable Potatoes:

– The charming terrace with bar service

– A private chef to cook meals

– A personal assistant to book everything for you, and also tell you where to go and what to do

– A delightful rooftop and spa

– Location, location, location – you are in close proximity to all the things you should see in Barcelona, and all the great restaurants!

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*All images provided by El Palauet.