Your November Horoscope!

From Ophira and Tali Edut, The Astrotwins

Welcome to November! So hard to believe another year has nearly flown by already. We’ve been hard at work putting the finishing touches on our 2017 Planetary Planner.

Meantime, November brings us Scorpio season, as the Sun moves through this shadowy and transformational zodiac sign until the 21st. Confronting our own “blind spots” and hidden facets can be scary—but once we dare to go there, it can be downright soul-cleansing. In fact, once you peer into the unknown, you might find it’s more comforting than frightening. Knowledge, after all, is power.

Scorpio also rules intimacy and permanent bonds, which is also daunting. Dropping the mask, letting someone see our vulnerabilities…it takes courage to step into Scorpio’s raw intensity. Use November to “merge and purge”—choosing who belongs in your inner circle and ridding yourself of anything that energetically weighs you down.

Scorpio is a private sign, but no need to become a total shut-in. From November 8-December 19, vibrant and assertive Mars will move into Aquarius, the sign of groups, humanitarian issues and technology. November 8 also happens to be Election Day in the U.S. and with hot-blooded Mars here, whatever the political outcome may be is sure to get people fired up fro the rest of the year.

This ferocity could reach full-tilt on November 14, thanks to the rooted Taurus full moon—also a supermoon. With the Sun, the moon and Mars all in intractable fixed signs, people will dig their heels in and operate from a place of extreme tunnel vision. The polls may be closed, but the fire and ire are just getting started. Try to remain calm and tap into the sensual energy of this full moon, getting a massage, treating yourself to a great dinner or even opening a nice bottle of wine.

Fog lifts on November 19 when hazy Neptune ends its annual five-month retrograde through Pisces. Since mid-June, the planet of illusions has done backstrokes, making it hard to trust our intuition or clearly tune into that guiding inner voice. The line between compassion and codependency may have blurred for many, and Neptune’s direct (forward) turn helps us firm up our boundaries.

Whew! Had enough of this emotional slog? Well good news: On November 21, the Sun begins its monthlong foray into fiery Sagittarius, the zodiac’s jovial and optimistic sign. Now, we lift out of the micro-focus of Scorpio into the wide-angle setting of Sagittarius, seeing the bigger picture instead of obsessing over the details! Hello, holiday season mingling and jingling.

Unfortunately, there’s one last fly in the eggnog, and it lands on the U.S.’ Thanksgiving Day. On Thursday, November 24, expansive Jupiter and controlling Pluto lock into a rare and combative square. Jupiter is in cooperative Libra, while Pluto is in boundary-enforcing Capricorn, putting a crimp on the generosity and grateful vibes that are supposed to be hallmarks of this day. Old family patterns and intense dynamics could also put a damper on the day. Know your triggers and avoid people who set them off!

Hopefully, it will all come out in the wash at the November 29 Sagittarius new moon, which helps us step back and see things with fresh eyes. But a loose square to Neptune could also bring some guilt, enabling and mixed signals.

Read below for your individual sign’s horoscope….


Turn up the heat, Ram. Until November 21, the Sun is burning through Scorpio, your eighth house of intensity, power and joint ventures. The sexy, sultry vibes can get overwhelming at moments, especially with one particular person. But ultimately, the two of you could foster a deeper level of connection. The first three weeks of the month are great for focused and strategic work, like strengthening your long-term wealth and solidifying close partnerships, both personal and professional. An alliance with a heavy-hitting VIP could also help boost your status. You might explore ways to earn passive income, perhaps by purchasing property you can rent out or making some other savvy investment. Pare down on your social calendar and conserve your energy for QT with your most meaningful bonds—intimacy and privacy suit your mood now.

On November 14, get set for a payday as the Taurus full moon, also a potent supermoon lights up your second house of work and money. On this power date, you could score a raise, promotion or even a new job. Your slow and steady approach to taking over the corner office is yielding huge gains. Hopefully this full moon will also illuminate your own sense of worth—placing value on your unique contributions is, indeed, the key to a more robust bank account. If you’ve been working hard, treat yourself to a luxe little something-something. Splurge a bit, Aries, you’ve earned this!

Speaking of earnings, you’ve got some spiritual dividends coming, too, as cloudy Neptune turns direct (forward) in Pisces, your twelfth house of the psyche and healing, on November 18. Since June 16, the planet of illusions has been retrograde in this uber-touchy zone of your chart, perhaps stirring up some old wounds or unhealthy patterns. You could have slipped into a tried-and-true addictive pattern, even numbing your messy feelings with a vice, like alcohol, nicotine, or retail therapy. Or, maybe you got overly consumed with a loved one’s woes and treated their dramas like they were your own. But as we all well know, other people’s problems, no matter how dire, could have been a welcome distraction from dealing with your own inner struggles.

Now, as ethereal Neptune gains steam, the fog lifts, and you can see a clearer path to action. You might lose your taste for unhealthy habits, whether it’s emotional eating or being a doormat. As you start to move through the world (and your relationships) from a more centered place, you’ll glean what the last five months of confusion and delusion did FOR you (not “to” you). Yes, that lost-at-sea frustration served a higher purpose—or, more precisely, YOUR higher purpose. Maybe you needed to see just one last time—with a clear perspective—just how toxic a certain relationship was for you. How much of your life force were you willing to devote to someone else’s drama? (Hint: too much.) Or, you might see how a grudge you’d been nursing has been eating away at your soul. The time has arrived to “let go and let God” (the universe, the divine, whatever).

On November 21, the Sun enters Sagittarius and your ninth house of travel and adventure, widening your perspective. You’re eager to break free from the chains of psychological intensity and plow forward. So think big, Aries! Maybe you’ve been fantasizing about a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the temples of Laos, or dipping your well-manicured toes into the Dead Sea. Well, the time is ripe for a serious journey. Start perusing Skyscanner and sign up for fare alerts. Or, you might decide to launch an entrepreneurial venture or prepare an inspiring talk that’s close to your heart. Sure, your robust agenda might nudge you out of your well-worn lane…but isn’t that what you really want?

Good vibes, interrupted. The free-flowing and forward-moving energy could come to a halt on November 24, with the clash of a tense square between growth-happy Jupiter in Libra, your seventh house of commitment, and transformation-by-slow-burning-fire Pluto in Capricorn, your tenth house of career advancement. This is the first of three tangles between Jupiter and Pluto—the next ones will hit in March and September 2017. If you live in the U.S., you might just be celebrating Thanksgiving Day, which is NOT exactly the ideal setting for a tough aspect like this.

As Jupiter and Pluto do battle, you might find that a close personal or professional partnership is in peril due to clashing agendas, or maybe you simply don’t share the same vision anymore (or maybe you never really did!). If this relationship is stymied by power struggles and underhanded moves, those hidden elements could go nuclear today. Jupiter rules abundance—and while this is usually welcome, in this case, it could also bring an “abundance” of drama and stress. Avoid arrogance and sneaky behavior at all costs.

In need of some perspective? The month closes with a page-turning Sagittarius new moon on November 29, which breathes new life into your most expansive, soul-stirring visions. Over the next six months you could launch an entrepreneurial venture or go after your big dreams. Perhaps you’ll take initiative on completing a passion project, like a message-driven manuscript or indie food cart business. Beware, though: The new moon forms a close square to foggy Neptune in Pisces, your twelfth house of the subconscious. As much as you THINK you’re ready to pull the trigger, the universe could have other plans. Pay attention to intuitive flashes and synchronicities today—they could be giving you solid guidance. Let yourself get butterflies about your horizon-broadening adventures, but don’t rush to make them part of your reality just yet, either. Some of the players involved may also be untrustworthy, or you just need to allow this idea to “marinate” before taking decisive action. New moons take six months to unfold, so there’s no need to rush.


Play nice, Taurus. Until November 21, the Sun is in Scorpio, powering up your seventh house of harmony and cooperation, and spotlighting your closest one-on-one partnerships. Both personal and professional relationships benefit from diplomacy and compromise now—which you’re more than willing to give in the spirit of keeping the peace. Use this time to explore new synergies or to work through any disagreements and get back on the same page. Talk about your shared mission as a twosome—you can go so much farther, together. Hello, dynamic duos!

On November 14, though, the spotlight is briefly—yet potently—back on you, as the Taurus full moon, a supermoon, illuminates your first house of self and identity. If you’ve lost yourself in work or a relationship, this full moon gives you a surge of autonomy. Intentions and grand plans set around your birthday come to an exciting turning point. A passion project or solo endeavor gains traction, bringing accolades and maybe even some well-earned fame. If you’ve been biting your tongue to keep the peace, everything you’ve held back could come rushing up. Remember, preserving the harmony of a bond does NOT mean suppressing your needs and honest expression!

Speaking up gets even easier in the second half of the month, when passive Neptune ends a five-month retrograde in your group activity sector. Since mid-June, you might have felt out of step with your circle, as hazy Neptune stirred misunderstandings with friends and teammates. On November 19, the ephemeral planet resumes forward motion, clearing up trouble in a collaboration or friendship. Slowly but surely, you’ll see a team project get back on track, especially if it involves technology.

On November 21, the Sun burrows into Sagittarius, your private eighth house of intimacy and joint ventures. You have a chance to turn all your “in-theory” relationship epiphanies and agreements into reality, and possibly to make an investment or large purpose (holiday gift to yourself perhaps?). The eighth house is about merging—emotional, sexual, financial—and this month could find you pondering your willingness to accept each other’s most tender vulnerabilities, quirks and flaws. Overall, you’re not feeling the small talk that comes with holiday party season—you crave more depth and focused one-on-one conversations, or even time alone. Slip under the radar these next four weeks, and use your intense focus to make progress on a detailed project, or to work on an important relationship.

There’s one day this month that challenges everyone, no matter what their zodiac sign. On November 24, outspoken Jupiter in Libra, your critical and health-conscious sixth house, forms a combative square with controlling Pluto in Capricorn, your ninth house of excess. Since this is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., you could fret over every calorie on your plate, or you could stress yourself out to the point of making yourself sick. A need to control and micromanage the plans could lead to some crazy-making, too. There’s a danger of taking on way too much—at the expense of your own sanity and health. Keep the shopping list manageable and delegate other tasks, like setting the table and cleaning the house.

Under the intense Jupiter-Pluto square, conversations could go off the rails fast. If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving with your clan, you could get easily hooked into a heated debate. (Aunt Judy and her political views trigger you every time…). But whether you’re breaking bread with loved ones or going about your business elsewhere, keep yourself in check. You could say some regrettable, below-the-belt things that might be hard to undo.

The month comes to an intense close with a November 29 new moon in Sagittarius, offering a fresh start in all matters of intimacy, sex and long-term finances. The next six months are ideal for building tight relationships and making solid plans for your financial future. Before you accept (or offer) an engagement ring, put a downpayment on a house, or ink a lucrative deal, make sure that you’re in an abundance mindset—and that you’ve also conducted all your due diligence. You can’t be too careful with your research, and since new moons can take half a year to unfold, there’s no need to rush into something permanent without really considering the outcome.

Heads up: The new moon forms a tense square to foggy Neptune in your friendship and technology zone, so think twice before loaning or borrowing money. Be extra careful with online purchases, making sure you shop on secure sites only. Change your passwords and PINs while you’re at it today—you’re probably overdue for that. Trust your instincts—even if the groupthink veers a certain way, dare to voice a contrasting opinion instead of going with the popular consensus.


Get to work, Gemini! As November begins, you’re in “taking care of business” mode, thanks to the Sun marching through Scorpio and your sixth house of health, fitness and organization. Tackle lingering tasks and administrative details. Put something clean and green on your plate. Streamline your schedule, budget and commitments, cutting out the excess. This solar cycle, which lasts until November 21, could set you up to have a calm and chaos-free holiday season.

Bonus: Getting a healthy eating and workout regimen underway will help balance out the decadence that lies ahead. Find ways to incorporate movement into your day. Even if you just walk a few times a week—or step out of the office and take a call while you briskly circle the block. Slap on a fitness tracker, download an app and measure your efforts if you can—the sixth house is all about data and hard numbers. We love this podcast with entrepreneur Derek Halpern that encourages the sedentary masses to take those ten thousand daily steps.

Midmonth, the stars sound the call for rest, closure and major healing. On November 14, the Taurus full moon, also a potent supermoon, beams into your twelfth house of endings and spirituality. An unresolved situation could finally reach its breaking point—it’s time to surrender, wave the white flag and let it go. A relationship might go through a tough transition, or you could be mourning a loss that you’ve swept aside. What is the deeper message or takeaway you can glean from this, Gemini? While it might be painful in the moment, there is a tremendous opportunity for personal growth if you look deeper. For a lightning-bolt epiphany or two, listen to one of Marianne Williamson’s enlightening weekly Livestream lectures, which are filled with divinely-channeled mic drops based on principles from A Course in Miracles.

This full moon could also be an incredibly romantic and fantasy-fueled day, or it could bring up a surge of emotional tenderness. Let the tears flow and wear your heart on your sleeve. (Warning: That could happen whether you want it to or not!) Drop the drawbridge that’s fortressing your heart and allow some worthy people to come in—and even a guardian angel type. The twelfth house rules receiving, which can be a harder act to pull off than giving, because it requires the courage to be vulnerable. This full moon reminds you that it’s okay to ask for support. You don’t have to do it all yourself!

Career confusion clears up on November 19, when hazy Neptune ends a five-month retrograde (backward) spin through Pisces and your ambitious tenth house. Stalled plans could pick up steam and doors will open again. Now that you’ve gotten in touch with your deepest self, it’s safe to recalibrate your grandest goals, or even to strike out on a new, creatively fulfilling professional path. If you’ve been estranged from an important man in your life, possibly your father, Neptune’s forward turn could spur the healing process.

On November 21, the Sun begins its monthlong trek through Sagittarius and your seventh house of one-on-one relationships. It’s all about your closest compadres now, Gemini. Put your to-do list down and go strengthen the bonds with your S.O. and your inner circle. Single Twins could meet someone with real long-term potential now. Work-wise, you could begin talks for an inspiring business alliance or collaboration.

All partnerships get an infusion of fresh-start energy on November 29, when the Sagittarius new moon ignites a fresh six-month cycle around committed relationships. Is it time to sign on the dotted line? Quite possibly. Just watch for a nearby square from confusing Neptune in your long-term goals house. Don’t rush into ANY contracts or promises without making sure your big-picture visions align. Do you want the same things a year, five or even ten years from now? Although it might feel uncomfortable to raise such questions, you’d do yourself a disservice to gloss these things over, assuming it will just all work out. The way you start any relationship is the way you’ll finish it, so insist on clarity and integrity from the get-go.

Before the month ends, there’s one BIG potential trouble spot, and it happens to fall on Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. (thanks, cosmos). November 24 brings a rare and intense square between expansive Jupiter and power-tripping Pluto. Should you hold back or let it all out? With outspoken Jupiter in your flamboyant fifth house, you want to blast your opinions on loudspeaker. But furtive Pluto in your private and vengeful eighth house warns that you could piss off the wrong person, or just regret spewing out an unfiltered rant. This is the first of three Jupiter-Pluto faceoffs (the next ones are in March and August), and the potential for drama, jealousy and ego battles is sky-high. While you may NEED to put a bullying person in their place, avoid sinking to their level. Make Michelle Obama’s famous words your mantra: “When they go low, we go high.”


A little fall romance, anyone? The Sun is blazing through Scorpio until November 21, heating up your fifth house of love, passion and self-expression. There’s no hiding in that famous shell for you now, Crab! This fierce and flamboyant solar cycle awakens the diva within. The holidays might be a few weeks off, but you’re cosmically entitled to the pursuit of pleasure and playful encounters. Go forth and paint the town red or indulge your imagination. Make art, make a splash, make your voice heard. Just be mindful to keep things in “healthy drama” terrain and avoid people who push your buttons and provoke knee-jerk reactions.

You could have some #squadgoals to celebrate midmonth, as the November 14 Taurus full moon, also a potent supermoon, ignites your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. A collaboration could culminate in a triumph—or a turning point—as la luna caps off your shared efforts from the last six months. Is it time to go forward with this crew or to seek a new high-vibe tribe? This is your moment to evaluate, and possibly make a shift. Warning: A friendship could also reach its D-day. The upside? This is an excellent moment to network and reach out to like-minded people through social media and online channels. Got a message or new venture to share with the world? Just press “launch”—your efforts could go viral under this sizzling supermoon.

You’ll get even more focused come November 19, when dreamy Neptune ends a five-month retrograde (backward) trek through your ninth house of travel, entrepreneurship and publishing. If you’ve been hazy about your long-term visions, beliefs and ideals, soul-stirring Neptune tunes you back into your highest self. You’ve been subconsciously ruminating on your greater purpose in this world—without even realizing it. So don’t beat yourself up for being adrift or uncertain—soon, everything that’s been happening since mid-June will start to make sense.

Your decadence meets its deadline on November 21, when the Sun leaves Scorpio (party’s over!) and marches into Sagittarius, your sixth house of health, fitness and organization. Call the cleanup crew, Cancer. This is your time to buckle down and finish any projects before the holidays. Handle your to-do list, your shopping list, ANY list. Delegate to capable people, too—the sixth house rules helpers and also volunteer work. ‘Tis the season to give back, so take advantage of the myriad opportunities to help those less fortunate now.

Since the sixth house rules wellness, banish seasonal stress and viruses by ramping up your own self-care and nutrition. While everyone else gears up for eggnog and fruitcake orgies, you’re dreaming up vegivore-inspired recipes for Brussels sprouts, yams and root vegetables. We know, we know: No self-respecting Cancer would really skip out on the bounty of holiday fare. But astrologically, you’re always out-of-sync with the indulgent cultural climate this time of year. Incorporate movement into your daily routine, even if it follows a buffet binge or means you head to yoga slightly hung over. Load half your plate with dark leafy greens, then go wild with the other 50 percent of your meal. Instead of depriving yourself, add in more of the good-for-you stuff to stay balanced.

Speaking of balance, yours will be tested on November 24, when expansive Jupiter and controlling Pluto lock into a tense and combative square. Expansive Jupiter is in your domestic fourth house, putting family and home front and center. Meantime, intense Pluto is in your relationship house. This practically spells “meltdown!” for any Crab trying to juggle the demands of loved ones, or attempting to play host, mediator, caretaker and designated people-pleaser…all roles your sign can easily fall into. Since this tense Jupiter-Pluto aspect happens to coincide with Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. (really, cosmos?), the stage is set for a Turkey Takedown Royale if you’re not careful. Dodge the undermining comments of relatives who muse aloud why you’re single (yet again!), or criticize your hospitality. Book a hotel instead of staying in a stress-filled home—guilt trips from the future in-laws be damned! If you’re in a relationship, make a written vow not to turn on each other if the stress reaches a critical mass.

And if you do lose your s***, Cancer? Well, you can repent—and not repeat—on November 29, when the Sagittarius new moon puts you on a sensible new footing. You could be inspired to start a fitness kick or bring order back into the chaotic parts of your life. This new moon helps you make a plan and get cracking, too.

Just beware of being overly ambitious here. A harsh beam from unrealistic Neptune in your ninth house of excess warns that you could take on too much, only to crash and burn. Cutting all carbs or sugar from your diet during the year’s best dessert season? Heck no! Signing up for a personal training package between Christmas and New Year’s? Only if you really, really want to miss out on all the family bonding moments that give your sign life.

Just do one healthy thing every day: get up and move around, eat your veggies, take a 20-minute walk with a beloved friend, pet or family member. The goal is to create a sustainable, stress-free lifestyle, not to turn into a zealot about the latest trendy health craze.


Sink a little deeper into those sofa cushions, Leo. The Sun is in Scorpio and your domestic fourth house until November 21, your annual time for nesting and resting at home base. Slow your pace, skip a few of the parties and curl up with a mug of turmeric tea or a good book. Focusing on home improvements; perusing interior design blogs (like this awesome place to buy and sell used furniture). Try out some new recipes or invite loved ones over and reminisce ’til your heart’s content.

On November 14, you need to switch gears from personal to professional, as a powerful Taurus full moon—also a charged-up supermoon shines its light on your tenth house of career and achievement. Swap those worn Lululemons for shiny Louboutins, because it’s time to make some strategic moves on the work front. Reach out to a VIP for connections, or a mentor figure who can give you solid advice or a great referral. With a tight game for your long-term plans, you can feel confident about speaking up and gaining recognition for all your hard work. A prestigious leadership position or coveted gig might land in your lap—but this is not a lucky twist of fate. You’ve earned these accolades through hard work over the last six months. Accept it all with grace and style!

An emotional fog starts to lift around November 19, when confusing Neptune ends its five-month retrograde (backward) cycle in Pisces, your eighth house of sex, intimacy, shared finances and psychological intensity. Since June 16, you’ve been battling with your own uncertainty about a close relationship, either personal or professional (maybe even both). Now the intensity lessens, and you’re finally able to see the forest for the trees. Being stuck in the mire did have its advantages, though—and hopefully, this period of soul-searching allowed you to clear away some emotional debris. Now, you can move forward with more clarity and purpose. A sticky financial or legal entanglement could also resolve itself soon.

On November 21, the Sun journeys into Sagittarius, your fifth house of passion and romance, rebooting your natural joie de vivre. As the holiday season heats up, so does your lust for life. Skip out of work early to spend an afternoon luxuriating at a spa or getting ready to hit the town for a decadent night at the coolest new pop-up eatery or salsa club. Romance takes center stage, too—as long as it’s flirty and festive, you don’t mind a little drama. These cosmic skies encourage an open, brave heart—just your cup of kombucha. With so much love, fun and glamour buzzing about, you’re inspired to go on and live out loud as only a Leo can!

Keep it simple on November 24, when expansive Jupiter in Libra, your intellectual third house, locks into a hair-raising square with obsessive Pluto in Capricorn, your analytical sixth house. You could find yourself stuck in an overthinking, stressful rut. Yes, there are plenty of choices to be made—but remind yourself that you don’t have to make them all this second. In poor cosmic timing, this Jupiter-Pluto square falls on Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., which can come pre-packaged with family pressure and overwhelm. If you’re at the grocery story trying to please all with your menu, stop the madness and streamline. At dinner, you risk floating off into your own compulsive thoughts and unable to listen to great Uncle Bob’s yarn-spinning. It may be a challenge to stay present, so don’t beat yourself up for a less-than-perfect showing.

With Pluto in your health sector, this stressful day could push you to the brink and leave you susceptible to a seasonal illness or a needless accident. If you’re not extra nurturing to yourself, you could get sick with a cold or flu, or make a careless error. Stay present and aware of your surroundings instead of rushing around mindlessly, especially if you’re driving. Take a page from your fellow Leo Jackie O, who was known for excusing herself to her room when she needed R&R, even when she was in the middle of hosting. For more self-care tips from this icon, check out What Would Jackie Do? Who could go wrong with a guide like that?

The month closes on a highly festive note, as the Sagittarius new moon turns a fresh page in your house of self-expression, creativity and love on November 29. This new moon opens up a thrilling fresh chapter for you, directed entirely by what’s in your bold, generous heart. You might find new love—or feel a rekindled attraction with your mate. You could also decide to immerse yourself in a creative endeavor. To that end, it’s the 25th anniversary of Julia Cameron’s classic book The Artist’s Way—maybe time to pick up a commemorative journal for the “morning pages” exercise that’s a fundamental part of this book. Pregnancy might also figure into the equation, as the fifth house rules fertility. A little warning though: With the new moon forming a challenging square to dreamy Neptune, temper your impulse to make any permanent plans. Explore and dream, but when it comes to binding commitments, don’t sign on the dotted line just yet.


Get out and circulate, Virgo! The Sun is in Scorpio and your social, communicative third house until November 21, amping up your powers of persuasion. You’ll have a full dance card fast—and since your zodiac sign is ruled by expressive Mercury, there won’t be any complaints from the Virgo camp about this! With vibrant Mars in Capricorn and your passionate fifth house until November 8, your mingling could also send sparks flying or lead to a dynamic meeting of the minds.

Just be careful not to overdo it. From November 8-December 19, anxious Mars will move into Aquarius, firing up your sixth house of health and organization. You could easily get overwhelmed by multitasking and juggling too many duties or details. If you’re starting a fitness kick, be mindful that your timing is a little, well, overachieving (hello, it’s holiday season), and pace yourself. With rash Mars here, you could be accident-prone, so be careful when handling sharp objects or lifting anything heavy, especially at the gym. One bad swing of the kettlebell could ruin your jinglebell jam, so take it easy. Trying to accomplish everything on your to-do list before the New Year could also be an exercise in self-crazymaking, and could even make you sick. The last thing you need is a cold or the flu to take you out of the festivities.

A hugely inspiring day arrives midmonth, when the Taurus full moon—also a potent supermoon—lights up your ninth house of expansion, travel and entrepreneurship. It’s time to go big, Virgo! Grand plans that have been brewing over the past six months could finally come together. You could also get a major glimpse of your highest purpose, realizing what you were put on this earth to do. You may cut ties with a draining person or situation that’s been holding you back. Publishing, media, motivational speaking or a long-distance connection could be in the cards. But today, you might just need a break—so take an adventurous one and go enjoy your freedom.

Relationships, both romantic and business, pick up speed in the second half of the month. Since June 16, hazy Neptune has been retrograde (backward) in Pisces, fogging up your seventh house of partnerships. You may have had second thoughts about someone or just struggled to get in sync all the time. Perhaps you took more of a passive or accommodating role—not always a bad thing for a sign that likes to micromanage. In this case, Neptune’s backspin may have prompted a few heart-opening changes. Nonetheless, it’s time to start using your voice and advocating for your interests, especially in relationships that have gotten one-sided. Hold others accountable and redistribute the load—no more enabling! And if you’ve hoisted someone else TOO high on a pedestal, Neptune’s direct turn reminds you to start championing your own awesomeness, too.

On November 21, the Sun moves into Sagittarius for a month, spotlighting your fourth house of home and family. Setting up more balance in your relationships can free you to enjoy the holiday season with your nearest and dearest. Spend some time nesting, ramping up the self-care and enjoying more intimate gatherings when you can. Many Virgos are consummate decorators, so if you’re planning to style your abode with holiday adornments, we’re sure it will be a Pinterest-worthy sight. Get into the fun of it and be sure to share on social media—perhaps even tagging or captioning your images to promote a pet project or a cause close to your heart.

There’s one day this month that comes with a huge drama alert, though. On November 24, expansive Jupiter in your grounded second house will form a combative square to controlling Pluto in your passionate and expressive fifth house. This also happens to be Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., which is already ripe for challenging dynamics. Under this rare Jupiter-Pluto square, your love life could be a source of intensity. Do you bring that budding romantic interest home for the holiday? If you’re feeling bored or restless, you could also be tempted to explore a clandestine attraction, destabilizing your current situation.

With these two powerful cosmic players at odds, you could get sucked into some kind of conflict—perhaps a heated conversation about politics escalates into mud-slinging insults, or someone’s critique wounds you to the core. Warning: Egos are fragile and people are thin-skinned today. If you don’t want to hear negative feedback on your most recent ideas or creations, don’t ask! And be careful about offering your own unsolicited advice, no matter how well-intentioned. With Jupiter in your work and money sector, you could even be juggling some unavoidable duties. It could be nearly impossible to leave it at the office.

Luckily, a grounding moment arrives at the end of the month. On November 29, the Sagittarius new moon brings fresh-start energy to your fourth house of roots, home and self-care. Some Virgos might even begin looking for a new address, exploring a property purchase, rental or sale. Maybe you’ll finalize plans to see family over the holiday, rent an Airbnb for New Year’s Eve, or zhush up your own abode so you can host visiting loved ones with your consummate flair.

The fourth house rules women and children, and a key female, possibly your mother, could figure into today’s events. A pregnancy or adoption could even be on the radar—if not now, over the coming six months. If kids aren’t on the ballot, you might consciously incorporate more feminine, flowy energy into your life. Revamp your closets or get creative in the kitchen. Style your home to have chaos-free zones where you can unwind, journal, read and daydream. Bring more maternal or nurturing energy into your life simply by remembering to relax and savor the moment. Slow down and enjoy the process.

Caveat: A nearby square from Neptune could bring guilt trips or passive-aggressive behavior, especially from a partner. Before you invite your entire out-of-town family to crash in your shared home, make sure your S.O. is on board with that. Or, if you’re the one being asked to do this, think twice. If it’s going to create resentment, it might be better to provide them with a handy list of nearby hotels, then offer to host them for meals instead.


Get grounded, Libra. The Sun is in Scorpio and your stabilizing second house or work and money until November 21, turning your focus to practical matters. Work, money and settling into a routine are your top to-do items this month.

In all honesty, you’re ready for a little anchoring. It’s been a whirlwind autumn ever since joyful Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, barreled into Libra on September 9, making its first visit since 2005. Woohoo! You may have zoomed off on a major reinvention tour or started down a whole new path, especially while the bold Sun was also in Libra last month. This was one birthday season where you really whooped it up—and after surviving a difficult 2016, you earned that celebration.

Jupiter will be in Libra until October 10, 2017, so you’ve got PLENTY of time to take advantage of this passionate reawakening. But this month, you may want to focus and prioritize more. What really matters to you? What are your values—and does your current life path align with those? Some Libras (Kim Kardashian and Billy Bush come to mind as celebrity examples) dealt with issues of overexposure, getting a jarring wakeup call that meant having to take a big step back and reevaluate. Going through the motions won’t cut it for you anymore, Libra.

This month is a great time for soul-searching, especially at the November 14 Taurus full moon—also a potent supermoon—which illuminates your eighth house of intimacy, sex, joint ventures and deep emotions. This is a moment to make sure your mind, body and soul are all in balance. If one of those areas has been neglected, give it some extra love. Intense emotions, especially ones you’ve been hiding, could break through the surface, their potency taking you by surprise. Your moderate sign doesn’t always express yourself with THIS much force and conviction. But it’s a match for the level of depth and passion that you feel today. A simmering attraction could explode into a full-on carnival of lust. Hello, mind-body-soul chemistry! This full moon could also bring a financial turning point or a possible windfall. A savvy investment could pay off, a legal matter may resolve or you could buy or sell property.

More clarity arrives on November 19, when foggy Neptune ends a five-month retrograde (backward) trip through Pisces and your sixth house of health, fitness and organization. If you’ve fallen off the wellness wagon or clutter has crept back into your life, consider that it’s a reflection of your own inner state. Perhaps you’ve been avoiding dealing with certain feelings and worries—and that was at the root of your procrastination. Or maybe you subconsciously knew that once you started cleaning out your junk drawer, for example, it would open the floodgates and force you to deal with THAT issue. An emotionally-linked health or medical issue may also have plagued you since mid-June. For example, a chronic pain in your lower back could have signaled a deeper sense of feeling unsupported…and you had to address both the physical symptom AND the emotional root.

With Neptune powering forward, you’ll be able to identify these underlying issues, and you’ll have an easier time breaking past resistance and fear. Supportive people who went MIA during Neptune retrograde could resurface. Don’t do it alone, Libra! You could decide to hire some help. A savvy service provider or a trained professional could get you over the hump—because really, aren’t you sick of being stuck here by now, Libra?

To find these people, just start asking around. Or, you could bump into them at a party! On November 21, the Sun starts a monthlong visit to Sagittarius, your expressive and social third house. The serious vibes lighten up considerably—it’s time to flutter into holiday party season and do some of your trademark Libra mingling. Save a few slots in your calendar, because it will fill up fast! This is a great time for pitches, meetings, writing and marketing. Get your message out there, both on social media and in real time. And pack some extra business cards, because you’re bound to befriend some kindred spirits while you’re on the holiday party circuit.

Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. is on November 24, a day that could be one of the most combustible this month. Eek! Outspoken Jupiter in Libra will form a hotheaded square to controlling Pluto in Capricorn, your fourth house of home and family. Gathering ’round the turkey could be anything but peaceful—in fact, there could be an epic showdown, possibly with a female relative.

You’re fired up to assert yourself this year…no more of that people-pleasing or “going along to get along.” Perhaps you voted for an entirely different presidential candidate than the rest of your clan, which puts you in the hotseat after an intense election season in the U.S. Or maybe someone is just threatened by your self-confident new Jupiterian swagger. Even doing something as innocuous as renting a hotel room (rather than tossing and turning on a thin sleeper sofa mattress) could be construed as you being “uppity” and ungrateful.

Puh-leeze! Who do you think you are? Um…a human being who deserves a decent night of sleep. And an adult who is allowed to set boundaries and make their own choices. Just make sure that, if you’re a guest, you honor the house rules of your parents or relatives. Show up on time, help with some of the serving and cleanup, be a gracious guest. And if you’re the host, you reserve the right to ask an obnoxious or aggressive person to leave. Nobody has the right to disrespect you—least of all under YOUR roof!

If things got heated or ugly, you can stage a do-over on November 29, when the Sagittarius new moon lights the way for a fresh start with communication. Dialogue could be productive and you can begin hashing out new and improved ways of interacting. This is also a great day for pitching an idea or planting the seeds for a collaboration. Just watch out for a close square from hazy Neptune. An assistant or employee might be a little out of line today, or you could start to get codependent, rushing in for the save. Don’t agree to anything out of guilt or because you “feel bad.” Any synergies need to begin with clear agreements and total transparency. Don’t promise you’ll do something that you have no intention of following through on, just in the hopes that someone will like you. In the long run, you’ll do a lot more damage that way—so be upfront and honest!


It’s showtime, Scorpio! The Sun is blazing a fiery trail through your sign until November 21, putting your desires and passion projects front and center. Enough focusing on other people—this month is prime time to prioritize Numero Uno. It’s about time, too. On September 9, expansive Jupiter began its 13-month journey through Libra and your twelfth house of rest, sacrifice and healing. You haven’t exactly been a ball of energy since then—in fact, you may be tired and foggy in ways that are quite out of character for you. This lower-key vibe WILL continue until October 10, 2017—and you’ll probably even learn to like it. So right now, a solar-powered boost is welcome!

One good reason to put yourself first, Scorpio? Fiery and assertive Mars will visit Aquarius from November 8-December 19, heating up your fourth house of home, family and emotional security. Your household could become a hotbed of holiday season stress if you aren’t careful. So don’t minimize the risks of offering the sleeper sofa to a demanding or difficult relative. People’s quirks are magnified when they’re your house guests, and a “slightly irritating” tic could become grounds for a screaming match when said tic encroaches upon your sacred personal space. The same advice applies if you’re thinking of visiting family. Get a hotel or an Airbnb, because you’ll soak up the stress like a sponge.

Relationships get their crowning moment on November 14, when a Taurus full moon—also a potent supermoon—illuminates your seventh house of committed partnerships and interpersonal affairs. This is a key opportunity to balance your relationships if things have been off-kilter. Have an honest, no-BS conversation, keeping the emotion out of it and focusing on your common intention of harmony and mutual respect. With U.S. election season finally in the rearview now, a lot of hurt feelings and frayed nerves have been left in its wake. Do you need to extend an olive branch for your own harsh words? Just do it. Single Scorpios could meet someone with long-term potential today. A budding attraction or a developing bond could also volley into official terrain. Could a holiday proposal be forthcoming? Stay tuned! Full moons can also bring endings and transitions, so for some, this lunation could herald a parting of ways. Whatever the case, the line is clear: You’re either in or you’re out.

Drama that’s been brewing since mid-June starts to die down on November 19, when hazy Neptune ends a five-month retrograde through Pisces and your flamboyant, lusty fifth house. A passionate connection may have gone off the rails, or driven you crazy with mixed messages and come-here-now-go-away changes. Even normally reliable partners could have acted flaky, and your own sexual desire ran hot and cold. A creative project could have stalled or taken some infuriating twists and turns. Now, Neptune resumes direct (forward) motion, helping to clarify your thinking and dial down the theatrics. If you need to express yourself, you’ll be able to in a less reactionary or inflammatory way.

Further stability arrives on November 21, when the Sun enters Sagittarius and your grounded second house for a month. Money, work and security are your focus now, so make that last year-end push at the office and get ‘er done (hello, holiday bonus!). While you might not be ready to draft your New Year’s resolutions, you can start to identify what you DON’T want to bring into 2017. The Sun here helps outline your priorities. You might take a macro look at your weekly calendar. Are there recurring commitments that just don’t light you up? Even if they include things you “should” do—like working out with a trainer—if they’re not inspiring you, consider that it’s an energy drain. You don’t necessarily have to quit your personal training sessions, but you could ask to switch up the workouts, or take a break and try another form of movement. Similarly, if a zillion small obligations (running the bake sale, walking the dog three times a day, chairing a committee) keep becoming your excuse for not working on your passion project, it’s time to scale back. The interruptions add up—so take command and carve out ample, non-negotiable time to work on your dreams.

Thanksgiving Day alert! If you’re in the U.S., November 24 is supposed to be a time of gathering with loved ones to bond and binge, but this year’s starmap comes with a warning label. Your ruler, calculating Pluto, will form a tense square to magnifier Jupiter, which could bring a major conflict or a passive-aggressive meltdown. Secretive Pluto is in your communication sector, while outspoken Jupiter is in your twelfth house of hidden agendas. Under these caustic skies, you could get a rising sense that something is “off” or even being kept from you.

A relative, possibly a sibling, could make comments that feel tinged with a hint of aggression. Yet, when you call them on it, they keep insisting that nothing’s wrong. The climate is ripe for some good old-fashioned gaslighting, so don’t let someone make you feel like you’re acting “crazy” when really, they are! Scorpio, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so shield your field by consciously NOT engaging with button-pushers, and walking away from undermining people.

A day to restore your own sanity arrives on November 29, when the Sagittarius new moon lights up your second house of work, money and stability. Take a deep breath. Get centered. Remember your worth and your power—and that they are NOT reliant on what anyone else thinks of you. From this self-affirming place, set some intentions for what you’d like to build and manifest in the coming six months. An exciting career or financial opportunity could also come your way—or you might be inspired to start putting the word out that you’re looking for clients, positions or new possibilities. Just notes that this new moon will form a dicey square to escapist Neptune in your dramatic fifth house. Don’t destabilize yourself or do something rash just because you’re looking for excitement. And on the flip side, don’t get SO concerned with material security that you silence your own need for creative expression and fulfillment. Try to seek a balance between passion and a proper paycheck!


Simmer down, Sagittarius. The Sun is making its annual sojourn through Scorpio and your twelfth house of rest, healing and closure. Until November 21, take things at a slower pace, giving yourself space to rest, meditate and unwind. You may be foggy and unfocused, perhaps processing some heavier emotions or dealing with fatigue as a long year winds down. Election season alone was enough to do an Archer (or anyone else for that matter) in—but the first three weeks of November could feel like you’re constantly struggling to keep up. Limit how much you take on now—and don’t feel an ounce of guilt when you have to just say no.

There’s one day where you’ll feel a surge of get-‘er-done energy, so do take advantage. On November 14, the Taurus full moon—also a potent supermoon —beams into your sixth house of health, wellness and organization. You might go on a giant decluttering mission, or tackle all the stuff you’ve allowed to pile up: overdue doctor’s appointments, receipts and bill stubs, last season’s needs-to-be-stored wardrobe.

The spotlight also shines on your well-being today. If your fitness has lapsed during this busy year, la luna inspires you to take it back. You may even get a nudge from your doctor to cut down on stress, change your eating habits or exercise more often. We know, we know…the holidays are on the verge of starting. But that’s all the more reason to at least seek better balance. Sagittarians are known for their appetites—you’re ruled by Jupiter, god of the feast, after all. Try filling at least 50 percent of your plate with veggies (dark, leafy greens or cruciferous ones if you can), and eating a healthy snack before heading to parties or doing your holiday shopping.

Your emotional well-being is also getting an upgrade this month. On November 19, hazy Neptune ends a five-month retrograde (backward) spin through Pisces and your fourth house of home, family and security. With ephemeral Neptune in this foundational part of your chart, your living situation may have been in flux, or old insecurities could have flared. You may have struggled to  keep up with self-care, feeling depleted and drained. Issues with a female relative or a child may also have arose, which took a toll on your sensitive soul. (We ourselves lost our beloved aunt, a second mother to us, during Neptune retrograde, so we too felt the Sagittarius slump.) You could also have struggled with codependence and excessive caretaking issues.

All of this cast a damper on your moods during this cycle—but hallelujah, Neptune will resume direct (forward) motion on November 19, clearing away the fog and indecisiveness in your personal life. If you’ve been on the fence about a move, expanding your family or untangling some emotional knots, clarity could return. And guess what? All that confusion and soul-searching was NOT in vain! It turns you may actually have processed some deeply-rooted feelings during this cycle—most likely subconsciously, so you’re not even aware that you did it. Not only will you feel lighter, you’ll also be inspired to take better care of yourself—mind, body and soul.

And now for the silver lining: On November 21, the Sun will soar into Sagittarius for a month, rebooting your energy and kicking off your solar new year. No need to wait until January 1 to make inspired resolutions or start fresh. Your birthday season has arrived and you couldn’t be more ready to blow out those candles and set some new intentions. The perfect day for that is November 29, when the year’s only Sagittarius new moon kicks off your personal new year, putting your passion projects and solo endeavors on the fast track. It’s a great time to debut something you’ve been working on for a while, so go public and spread the word!

There’s one date that comes with a major warning label, though—and it happens to fall on Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. This November 24, your ruling planet Jupiter will lock into a hair-raising square with controlling Pluto, yanking you between competing desires for security and freedom. Expansive Jupiter is in your liberated eleventh house of group activity, prompting you to be outspoken in social settings. But intense and manipulative Pluto in your conservative second house, warns that any your unfiltered commentary could set off a small war, especially with someone whose values clash with yours. So, um, if you’re thinking of discussing the results of the recent election, think again. Avoid discussing charged topics today.

Money stress or work demands could cut into your festivities. Do your best to unplug if you’re celebrating—and keep your holiday shopping list manageable. You don’t have to shower every contact or casual friend with gifts. A simple Season’s Greeting card—or a little token of appreciation—will do the trick.


“If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud.” These words from French writer Emile Zola sum up your month, as the Sun travels through Scorpio and your eleventh house of group activity, until November 21. Let your hair down and show that lesser-seen lighthearted side of yourself. Connect with your kindred spirits through parties, message boards and networking events. Explore the bigger issues that affect all of humanity. If you’re in the U.S. and navigating the election and its polarizing issues, you could be especially fired up about justice now. Don’t hold back!

Under these social skies, your energy gets revved up simply by being around others. Collaborations can take flight, perhaps around a tech-related project or world-bettering venture (like, say, joining forces with Partners in Health to provide hurricane relief in Haiti). Overall, you’re feeling energetic, and with go-getter Mars blazing through Capricorn until November 8, your passion could really be on fire. Hello, life—and leader—of the party!

On November 14, the Taurus full moon, a potent supermoon, lights up your fifth house of passion, self-expression and joie de vivre, gifting you with a more personal reminder to seize the day. You’re feeling bold, and this could translate to making a flirty move on your love interest or taking a risk with a creative venture. You want to keep things real, Capricorn, and these generous moonbeams help you say what’s really in your heart. Your buttoned-up sign can often be reserved, so this opportunity to spill your guts—and be well-received, even celebrated—is extra meaningful. Post a heartfelt social media missive or draft a blog entry about something that’s been weighing on your mind. Romance gets a huge boost today, as a potential steamy encounter heats up. A pregnancy is also possible.

Have you been getting mixed signals for a while? On November, 19, dreamy Neptune turns direct (forward) in Pisces, your intellectual third house, and now you’re thinking more clearly after a confusing five-month spell. Since June 16, you’ve been struggling to gain clarity and express your ideas. That’s when the planet of illusion pivoted on its heels and started doing backstrokes through your communication house. Your colleagues could have been a source of frustration—they were either MIA or simply talking out of both sides of their mouth. Don’t be surprised if you get a few long-overdue emails from people who ghosted you all summer and fall…they’re back! Speak with confidence, knowing that your words will finally resound and reach the right people now.

On November 21, the Sun enters Sagittarius, your twelfth house of closure, healing and the subconscious, putting you in a more restful and contemplative state until December 21. For the next four weeks, power down, Capricorn. No more running to every last staff meeting or coming in for the save with a needy loved one. Yes, your sign is driven by obligations. But there are moments when you have to dial back on rescuing others so you can nurture yourself. Got that? Use these next four weeks to wind down and prepare for your upcoming birthday season and the holidays. You might get a massage package or try energy healing to restore yourself on mind-body-soul levels. A place that promotes integrative health, like this awesome center, might be right up your alley. Don’t say “yes” to too many invitations or guests wanting to crash on your sleeper sofa. Sure, you might get a guilt trip or some passive-aggressive grumbling, but saving your sanity will be worth the momentary discomfort!

Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. comes with a warning label, and we’re not talking about non-GMO vegetable side dishes. On November 24, intense Jupiter will clash with powermonger Pluto in Capricorn, stirring up serious power struggles. A domineering person—likely a man and possibly your own father or a paternal figure—could tread on your personal turf. Unsolicited and condescending advice will make your blood boil, and you will be hard-pressed to hold yourself back from firing verbal shots in response. Deep breaths, Capricorn. Letting this person hook you is tantamount to handing him your power. Keep that in mind and respond from a dignified place. To once again repeat the words of your fellow Cap Michelle Obama: “When they go low, [you] go high.”

Is it time to let go of an outmoded situation? On November 29, the new moon in Sagittarius shows you the silver lining of endings—and how when you close one door, another naturally opens. Around this day, you could have a transitional moment that opens up new vistas for you—maybe you decide to let go of an outmoded way of thinking for good, or leave a toxic relationship behind. The “scary” part? You also don’t know what’s going to show up in its place.

If you feel like you’re floating in a corridor of the great unknown, don’t be surprised if you get a nudge from the universe, in the form of a guardian angel type who introduces you to your next mission, or says something that hits you like a ton of bricks. At this new moon, issues that have been fuzzy and uncertain could come together, as if by magical serendipity. Tap into your spiritual side, and work the Law of Attraction, perhaps crafting a vision board. Yes, we said that—and before you commence with the #eyerolls, here’s the actual science behind why they work. Not everything has to be “earned” through blood, sweat and tears, Capricorn. Allow the universe to give a divine assist with something you really want. You’re definitely not in this alone.


Go for your goals! While others slip into pre-holiday mode, you’re just gearing up. Until November 21, the Sun is in Scorpio, your tenth house of career, prestige and status—your most ambitious time of year. So lean in, Aquarius (and we don’t mean into the rum-spiked eggnog bowl). You could make great headway on a high-profile project—and score a promotion or year-end career coup in the process. Don’t miss out on a chance to show off your considerable chops! Between the late nights and pressure-driven strategy sessions, you might also want to schedule time with a mentor or business coach. The hard-earned wisdom of someone who’s been-there-done-that could prove invaluable in your ascent.

Fueling your fire? From November 8-December 19, energetic Mars visits Aquarius, revving up your first house of fresh starts and assertiveness. Go-getter Mars only visits your sign once every couple years, so take advantage. The red planet gives you extra mojo to push for your own interests, whether on the job or in your personal life. Is it time for a raise? Ask for it! Have a cool idea for an artisanal food truck or an Etsy store selling your handmade wildflower honey? Make it happen! Tout your passion projects and be your own best advocate. Aquarians are the cheerleaders of the zodiac, and your enthusiasm is downright contagious—so don’t be shy about expressing what truly matters to you. Just don’t go TOO far with your requests, as you could be received as pushy and demanding under aggressive Mars’ reign. Dive in, then take a step back, allowing the other person a minute to think it over!

With all these #boss goals swirling, you also need to refuel your tanks. On November 14, you’ll get a chance to kick back, as the Taurus full moon—a potent supermoon—lights up your domestic fourth house. Your professional drive takes a much-needed backseat to your emotions. This is a wonderful time to rest and reflect, spending quality downtime at Chez Aquarius, either alone or with your closest peeps. What IS going on at home base, anyway? This pause helps you tune into your most elemental needs—or even to ponder a lifestyle change, like dialing down on your career commitments and carving out more “me” time? A change of address could also be in the works or you could get news about a move, home sale or property purchase. This nostalgic full moon could also stir up childhood memories, or put you in the mood to hang the holiday decorations a little early this year. A pregnancy, adoption or family planning could also be part of this nurturing lunar agenda.

Financial improvements arrive in the second half of this month. Since June 16, you’ve been fuzzy with money, as hazy Neptune has been retrograde (backward) in Pisces, your second house of security and work. Your fiscal stability might have slipped through your fingers. You could have lost a steady income stream or struggled to stay on top of your cashflow. Fortunately, foggy Neptune turns direct (forward) on November 19, which helps clarify your budget and bottom line. If you’ve had a few self-confidence stumbles, Neptune direct will put a little swagger back in your step.

Let’s get this (holiday) party started! On November 21, the Sun glides into Sagittarius, your eleventh house of socializing and group activity. After an industrious four weeks, you’re ready to kick up your heels a bit and have some fun. The festive vibes are right on time with end-of-the-year celebrations and mistletoe gatherings. Take a break from your cubicle or computer and hit a holiday luncheon or networking event. You’re radiating positivity and curiosity—making you great cocktail hour company. Chat up some new contacts while waiting for a second round of Indonesian satay skewers or mini bruschetta to come by. If you’ve been working on a collaboration, your crew will make headway, especially if you take time to bond as a collective unit.

Hold your fire on November 24, as honest-to-a-fault Jupiter in Libra, your outspoken ninth house, clashes with shadowy Pluto in Capricorn, your twelfth house of hidden agendas. This is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. and someone at the turkey table could interpret your meant-to-be-funny comments the wrong way—and then lash out at you passive-aggressively. Perhaps you avoid sharing about your exciting plans, maybe because you sensed that a relative might be jealous of your pending adventures. But if do tamp down your enthusiasm, you’re not really being authentic, now are you? Express yourself, and sidestep the crazy-making bait! Also, if you opt out of plans with a soul-sucking relative or a negative old friend, try not to feel guilty. You’re not actually obligated to spend your downtime dodging someone else’s toxicity (even if there’s been plenty of holiday precedent set). Unfortunately, there’s no magic spray to protect you from what they’ve got. Steer clear, Water Bearer.

The month closes with a page-turning Sagittarius new moon on November 29, which highlights your communal eleventh house. A new friendship or group affiliation could blossom around this day. A team project might also gain steam—this is an excellent day to set intentions around how you want this creative collaboration to unfold. Since the eleventh house rules technology, the seeds of a promising digital venture could be planted, too. Everything you begin at this new moon will unfold in the coming six months, so start building your online presence and reaching out to promising connections.


“Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.” These words from French writer Voltaire are your guiding light, as the Sun visits Scorpio, your liberated ninth house of expansion, travel and adventure, until November 21. Explore new vistas and wriggle out of confining situations. You could plan an epic trip, take a personal growth workshop or plant the seeds for a startup venture. Break out of your well-worn groove by speaking up and being honest with yourself and others. If some part of your life isn’t inspiring you, this is your moment to change that. The more you challenge yourself to spread your wings, the happier you’ll be.

Excited as you are, you’ll need to regulate your energy. Action-planet Mars is in Aquarius, your sensitive and restful twelfth house, from November 8-December 19. You could feel more raw and emotional than usual (even for you, Pisces!), and your sleep could be disrupted by anxious dreams or racing thoughts. Pace yourself and be extra gentle, especially if you’re dealing with a difficult situation or transition. Inner work can really pay off now, and even though you’re psyched to launch your grand plans, don’t skip therapeutic activities like yoga, acupuncture and self-care. You may also struggle to forgive someone and let go of anger during this time. Since the twelfth house rules secrets, watch out for hidden agendas, shady people and being too trusting of a certain big-talking character. Do what you can to maintain a centered and serene attitude. Check out The Book of Joy, a conversation between spiritual masters the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu, about finding joy in the face of adversity.

Banner news could arrive on November 14, as the Taurus full moon, a potent supermoon, lights up your third house of ideas, communication and messages. You might receive a game-changing email or get the green light on a project that’s been in development. Conversations could catapult you to entirely new and productive ways of thinking, so schedule brainstorming sessions and meetings. On a personal note, this is a great day to clear the air with a colleague, sibling or close friend. A writing, media or teaching project could also reach a pivotal turning point. This potent full moon gives you a rush of motivation—so get it done!

On November 19, hazy Neptune, your ruling planet, turns direct (forward) in your first house of self, clearing the cobwebs that have gathered in your mind. Since June 16, the planet of illusions has been retrograde (backward) in Pisces, muddying the waters around personal plans and goals. Maybe you struggled to find clarity about your path. One day, you were ready to settle down, the next you were Googling ashrams and swearing off dating in order to focus on your career. Now, the fog lifts, and you’ll have a clearer sense of action. Your wayward journey has had some twists and turns, but it hasn’t been in vain. Once Neptune powers ahead again, reflect on the higher purpose of your recent confusion. You could unearth a deeper message that helps you see this reflective cycle as a blessing, not a curse.

Either way, it’s time to get ambitious! On November 21, the Sun enters Sagittarius, your tenth house of professional advancement, snapping your career goals into front-burner status. Whether gunning for a holiday bonus or making strategic moves to score a new client, this is your time to shine. Show up at the office early, and cut down on late nights and anything else that’s going to distract you from your goals. If you work, work, work, work, work (to the tune of your signmate Rhianna) you WILL see the results by the end of the year. Apply yourself, Pisces!

Watch for explosive tension around November 24, when reckless Jupiter in Libra, your eighth house of intensity and intimacy, clashes with manipulative Pluto in Capricorn, your eleventh house of friendships and socializing. This is the first of three Jupiter-Pluto squares, with the next two coming in 2017, on March 30 and August 4. A close partnership, personal or professional, might demand more of your attention—and also conflict with your need for freedom. One part of you has the urge to merge, but this all-consuming bond could also encroach on your personal space. If you get the slightest hint of someone trying to control or smother you, you could lash out or do something rebellious. Friends could also be jealous of your relationship or other successes, and the tension could come to a head now. Around this date, be careful about loaning money to friends, especially if you sense an unhealthy dynamic at play: e.g. if this person feels entitled to your hard-earned dinero, it might not be the clean transaction you expect. Watch your own holiday spending today—lock away the credit cards if you’re tempted to charge up a Black Friday binge.

On November 29, the Sagittarius new moon offers a preview of your New Year’s resolutions, as it sparks up your tenth house of long-term goals. Why not start mapping out 2017 a month early? You’re ready to start a whole new chapter in your professional life, so ask yourself: what do I really want? Tighten your resume, polish your online presence and put the word out to your network if you’re seeking new work or clients. Plant the seeds of where you’d like to be in the next six months. Since the tenth house rules men, this new moon could help you make peace with an important guy in your life, possibly your father.

This day is page-turning and inspirational, but you might also be fuzzy around how to make your dreams a reality as the new moon forms a tense square to Neptune in Pisces. Remain grounded and logical, but balance that with spiritual practices, like meditation or vision boards to help your creative visualization. Just don’t get SO ca