Actress Elena Kampouris

When we first met Elena Kampouris, we couldn’t get over how put together she was for a nineteen year old: It made us think we should probably get our acts together, stat. Between her flawless skin, a balanced philosophy when it comes to wellness, and witty humor, Kampouris is the ethereal fresh face any casting director should (if they haven’t already) fall in love with.

Add in two movies and a Broadway debut, and Kampouris is definitely the kind of girl we wished we were as teenagers. We loved her in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 earlier this year and cannot wait to see her in Les Liaisons Dangereuses, which just opened on Broadway, and (if you aren’t familiar with the play) think Selma Blair’s part in Cruel Intentions: This is the play that movie was based on.

You can bet we got the inside scoop on her beauty routines, what she eats to stay healthy and how she relaxes after shows. Read below for her favorite paleo eats – and keep a pen close, you’re going to want to take notes…

What’s your ideal food day that’s both health conscious and enjoyable?

Since we last spoke I have definitely upped my paleo game as far as discovering yummy paleo treats that I had no clue were out there before. As I’ve done more research and met more #paliens, Ive made finds such as nut cheeses, bean based pastas, paleo bread and desserts, it’s taken my paleo foodie game from basic to the next level. And because I’ve been living in New York for the 5 month run of my Broadway show Les Liaisons Dangereuses, embracing the city life has amped up my street smarts and also my food smarts!

What foods and drinks make your skin glow? What make your skin feel its worst?

My skin thanks me when I drink lots of fruit juices and fruit smoothies. It’s my favorite way to start the day before heading off for a day performing at the theater. We wear really tight corsets throughout  the show and it can be demanding on your physical stamina so I’m mindful in taking care of my body and what I put in. I make sure to refuel with lots of veggies and protein, hydrating with lemon water for a full detox helps me feel fresh and replenished.

After a long day its become a post show ritual to decompress at home over a hot cup of Teavana tea to come down from the adrenaline after a show and soothe my voice from all the vocal work we do! My skin gets cranky when I don’t get enough sleep or when stress creeps up, so I try to manage all that for the sake of my sanity and pimple patrol!

How do you self-pamper?

For some self pampering, quality time with my bulldog Petunia and swimming (as a proud Greek girl, the water always rejuvenates my soul) always does the trick. Working out is my all time release, it never fails to make me feel energized and healthy. I’m in that gym every day getting a sweat going through kickboxing, yoga and finding different ways to change up my routine to keep it fun and challenging!

What’s your makeup routine?

When its downtime I give my skin a break to breathe and keep it really minimal. I love using Coverfx as my go to for covering up blemishes. For fun and events, I love MAC and Kevyn Aucion products for bringing flair to any makeup look.

What’s your skincare routine?

Per our last chat Simple facial wipes have still remained my favorite essential I keep on me everywhere I go. I rest easy knowing it’s getting the job done keeping my skin nice and clean! Every night I use a dab of the La Mer eye cream too and it always helps me wind down before bed.

What hair products can’t you live without?

Putting my wily mane of hair into a ponytail and out of the way is no easy task so I can’t live without the Frizz-Ease finishing creme for taming all the flyaways! I can always rely on Oribe’s products to come to my rescue and save a bad hair day too.

How do you stay fresh while traveling?

I stay fresh while traveling by always having an Evian mini hydration mist spray in my bag, it’s a sweet and portable pick me up for my skin!

What’s your perfect smoothie comprised of? Your perfect salad?

My perfect smoothie is a quick one with blueberries, half a banana, vanilla and almond milk blended in a bullet! Either that or my new obsession which is a dragonfruit pitaya bowl, full of delicious fruity goodness topped of with some Goji berries, drizzled Agave, and coconut shavings and I’m instantly in an island paradise. The perfect salad would be kale with cranberries sliced almonds, apples, pumpkin seeds with grilled chicken and a light and fruity vinaigrette!

Do you have a beauty icon? Who is it?

My beauty icon is my grandmother; she’s a beautiful woman inside and out, her strength inspires me every day!

How do you practice self preservation in terms of feeling self-confident and healthy?

I feel my most confident and healthy when I’m working hard, working out, getting enough sleep in, and keeping it zen with meditation.

Words to both live and apply makeup by…

Get in those eight hours of sleep and never go to bed with any makeup on!

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