5 Links We Love

Halloween has come and gone and that means one thing: holiday season is here. We might still be mourning summer’s long days and endless sunlight (and rose), but we’d be lying if we said we aren’t crazy excited for the holidays. Having trouble focusing at work?  Us too. We say indulge, at least temporarily. This week, we’re daydreaming about fireplaces, flannel and shearling. So pour yourself a mug of cocoa and cozy up, your five essential afternoon reads are here.

Listen, we all have weeknights where we have a glass of wine too many (or two or three). And the next morning can be….rough. Major thanks to the Zoe Report for this guide to being hungover at work; bookmark it for the morning after your next holiday party.

Benedict Cumberbatch: our eternal #mancrush Mondays, Wednesdays, everyday. His new movie, Dr. Strange, opens this weekend – look back at his best looks with us. Swooning encouraged.

We always support female friendship, both in our personal lives and professionally. Finding a mentor can be challenging, though – read how to bolster female relationships in the office here.

Tilda Swinton, like the fine wine that she is, has only improved with age. Join us for a walk through her wardrobe. Spoiler: There are both some tricks and treats within.

We’re always looking to jazz up our desk lunches. Check out this guide to packing the best homemade lunches for work. Because you’re better than a #saddesklunch.


Your Potatoes

Check out more lunch recommendations from Dr. Daryl and see the flats that we’ll be wearing all season long.