The Pop Duo Called Karmin

We love astrology here at the New Potato, as you’ve probably gathered from our monthly horoscopes. When we found out that Karmin (made up of real life couple Amy Heidemann-Noonan and Nick Noonan) released a new album called Leo Rising, inspired by astrology, we knew they’d fit right in with us potatoheads. We sat down with them to get the scoop on the inspiration for the album and how they manage to eat clean even while traveling. Read on for all of their tips for couples working together and find out where they like to eat on tour…

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

Nick: Eggs in the morning, a massive salad for lunch and a perfectly cooked salmon for dinner, all gluten and bread free.

Amy: Eggs and toast, great coffee, greens for lunch and Indian food for dinner!

How do you two start your day? What’s your go to breakfast?

Nick: I try to drink two big glasses of water before I do anything else. Then, its been eggs with organic chicken apple sausage and green tea.

Amy: I start with coffee (Nespresso) and Nick cooks me eggs and gluten-free toast.

What would your last meal be?

Nick: Ohhhh man…I’ve been trying to eat a lot less red meat lately, but I’ve got to go with a medium-rare, grilled, juicy steak with all the fixings. God that sounds good.

Amy: Homemade Mac and Cheese.

Your upcoming album centers on astrology – which we love. Talk to us about how that came to be?

Amy: Yes, there’s a song for every sign! Our band and tour manager got us an astrology reading for our birthdays two years ago, and it kind of blew our minds. We didn’t know that much about it prior, but after the reading we really dove in and got into it, and that’s how we came up with the concept for an astrology album.

Anything about horoscopes we should know, that we don’t know already?

Amy: It’s thousands of years old. People have been reading the stars since…well, since there were people! People tend to think it’s like getting your fortune read, but it’s nothing like that at all. I would say it helps people understand themselves.

Favorite part of working together? Hardest part?

Nick: We both are on the same page, and we’re both really driven. I think that’s something we didn’t know about each other when we first started dating. The hardest part can be never being apart. It’s like when you only eat Mac and Cheese for a week straight – too much of a good thing.

Amy: We work as one brain, but it can be hard to separate work from personal.

As singers, what does your diet on the road usually look like?

Nick: You always start out thinking you’re invincible, and have a few late-night junk food binges. Then after you almost get sick, you start eating as many green things as you can, and lots of water. I also try to get Kombucha anywhere I can.

Amy: I’ve experimented with different diets like vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian…eating on tour is hard. Always cram veggies when you can get them!

What’s always in your fridge?

Greens. Gotta have em. Grapes. Love that shit.

What are your favorite cities for food? What restaurants do you go to in each?

Nick: The crazy thing about the US is it’s so large! Each region has something special and specific to offer – I go to the northeast and get seafood and chowders, BBQ in the south/midwest, but know that I’m thinking about steak. Harry and Izzy’s in Indianapolis is an incredible steakhouse with the best shrimp cocktail Ive ever had.

Your advice to couples working together…

Nick: DON’T DO IT.

Amy: Just make sure you communicate a lot, and be aware of each other. It seems obvious, but things can change after working together and being together.

What’s on your Spotify or Apple playlist right now?

Amy: Flume, Anderson Paak, Rihanna, Tame Impala, and Phantogram.

You never liked X till your tried it at Y…

Nick: Scotch, until I tried Oban. Phew! What a tasty beverage.

Amy: Seaweed, until I tried seaweed salad.

In the same vein as ‘what is the new black’ in fashion, what’s the new potato right now?

It’s interesting how a lot of restaurants are serving ‘blue collar’ foods (like mac and cheese, hamburgers etc) but making them with high-quality, organic ingredients and putting modern twists on them. It’s almost like how blue jeans became a nice pair of pants. It’s cool and super tasty.

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*Karmin, photographed in Los Angeles, CA by Danielle Kosann