10 Ways To Be Happier

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Mandy Ingber is a yoga instructor to the stars, having worked with the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler. Mandy recently released a book of her teachings titled, Yogalosophy for Inner Strength: 12 Weeks to Heal Your Heart and Embrace Joy. 

From Mandy Ingber.

Everyone goes through transitional times. Periods of loss and grief are a normal part of life. No matter how wealthy one has become, regardless of one’s greatest achievements, or if they have found their life partner and soul mate, there are always periods of low energy and feeling stuck. This is a natural part of the cycle of growth.

Yes, everyone can lose sleep due to the mutterings of an overactive mind, have periods of self-doubt and insecurity…even emotional swings. What most people forget is that there are actions we can take, largely within our own bodies, that can mellow us, regulate our moods, and correct erratic patterns. Healthy habits go a long way in healing and helping us to embrace a joyful life.

Above are my top ten tips for getting happy from the inside out.

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