Virgo November Horoscope

From Ophira and Tali Edut, The Astrotwins.

Get out and circulate, Virgo! The Sun is in Scorpio and your social, communicative third house until November 21, amping up your powers of persuasion. You’ll have a full dance card fast—and since your zodiac sign is ruled by expressive Mercury, there won’t be any complaints from the Virgo camp about this! With vibrant Mars in Capricorn and your passionate fifth house until November 8, your mingling could also send sparks flying or lead to a dynamic meeting of the minds.

Just be careful not to overdo it. From November 8-December 19, anxious Mars will move into Aquarius, firing up your sixth house of health and organization. You could easily get overwhelmed by multitasking and juggling too many duties or details. If you’re starting a fitness kick, be mindful that your timing is a little, well, overachieving (hello, it’s holiday season), and pace yourself. With rash Mars here, you could be accident-prone, so be careful when handling sharp objects or lifting anything heavy, especially at the gym. One bad swing of the kettlebell could ruin your jinglebell jam, so take it easy. Trying to accomplish everything on your to-do list before the New Year could also be an exercise in self-crazymaking, and could even make you sick. The last thing you need is a cold or the flu to take you out of the festivities.

A hugely inspiring day arrives midmonth, when the Taurus full moon—also a potent supermoon—lights up your ninth house of expansion, travel and entrepreneurship. It’s time to go big, Virgo! Grand plans that have been brewing over the past six months could finally come together. You could also get a major glimpse of your highest purpose, realizing what you were put on this earth to do. You may cut ties with a draining person or situation that’s been holding you back. Publishing, media, motivational speaking or a long-distance connection could be in the cards. But today, you might just need a break—so take an adventurous one and go enjoy your freedom.

Relationships, both romantic and business, pick up speed in the second half of the month. Since June 16, hazy Neptune has been retrograde (backward) in Pisces, fogging up your seventh house of partnerships. You may have had second thoughts about someone or just struggled to get in sync all the time. Perhaps you took more of a passive or accommodating role—not always a bad thing for a sign that likes to micromanage. In this case, Neptune’s backspin may have prompted a few heart-opening changes. Nonetheless, it’s time to start using your voice and advocating for your interests, especially in relationships that have gotten one-sided. Hold others accountable and redistribute the load—no more enabling! And if you’ve hoisted someone else TOO high on a pedestal, Neptune’s direct turn reminds you to start championing your own awesomeness, too.

On November 21, the Sun moves into Sagittarius for a month, spotlighting your fourth house of home and family. Setting up more balance in your relationships can free you to enjoy the holiday season with your nearest and dearest. Spend some time nesting, ramping up the self-care and enjoying more intimate gatherings when you can. Many Virgos are consummate decorators, so if you’re planning to style your abode with holiday adornments, we’re sure it will be a Pinterest-worthy sight. Get into the fun of it and be sure to share on social media—perhaps even tagging or captioning your images to promote a pet project or a cause close to your heart.

There’s one day this month that comes with a huge drama alert, though. On November 24, expansive Jupiter in your grounded second house will form a combative square to controlling Pluto in your passionate and expressive fifth house. This also happens to be Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., which is already ripe for challenging dynamics. Under this rare Jupiter-Pluto square, your love life could be a source of intensity. Do you bring that budding romantic interest home for the holiday? If you’re feeling bored or restless, you could also be tempted to explore a clandestine attraction, destabilizing your current situation.

With these two powerful cosmic players at odds, you could get sucked into some kind of conflict—perhaps a heated conversation about politics escalates into mud-slinging insults, or someone’s critique wounds you to the core. Warning: Egos are fragile and people are thin-skinned today. If you don’t want to hear negative feedback on your most recent ideas or creations, don’t ask! And be careful about offering your own unsolicited advice, no matter how well-intentioned. With Jupiter in your work and money sector, you could even be juggling some unavoidable duties. It could be nearly impossible to leave it at the office.

Luckily, a grounding moment arrives at the end of the month. On November 29, the Sagittarius new moon brings fresh-start energy to your fourth house of roots, home and self-care. Some Virgos might even begin looking for a new address, exploring a property purchase, rental or sale. Maybe you’ll finalize plans to see family over the holiday, rent an Airbnb for New Year’s Eve, or zhush up your own abode so you can host visiting loved ones with your consummate flair.

The fourth house rules women and children, and a key female, possibly your mother, could figure into today’s events. A pregnancy or adoption could even be on the radar—if not now, over the coming six months. If kids aren’t on the ballot, you might consciously incorporate more feminine, flowy energy into your life. Revamp your closets or get creative in the kitchen. Style your home to have chaos-free zones where you can unwind, journal, read and daydream. Bring more maternal or nurturing energy into your life simply by remembering to relax and savor the moment. Slow down and enjoy the process.

Caveat: A nearby square from Neptune could bring guilt trips or passive-aggressive behavior, especially from a partner. Before you invite your entire out-of-town family to crash in your shared home, make sure your S.O. is on board with that. Or, if you’re the one being asked to do this, think twice. If it’s going to create resentment, it might be better to provide them with a handy list of nearby hotels, then offer to host them for meals instead.

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