How To Keep Sweaters From Pilling

Scroll through above for 8 ways to keep sweaters from pilling!

There are few things more satisfying than wearing a brand new sweater. If it’s white or cream it almost glows the first few times you wear it; it keeps you warm and snuggly-looking, and looks great paired with anything from a pleated skirt to boyfriend jeans. Own one for more than three weeks and suddenly that magic begins to disappear. Suddenly, your sweater is pilling in all the wrong places.

We spend a good chunk of our income on clothes, and want to make the most of them. How do we look after our sweaters when cashmere is so fragile? How do we keep an open knit from falling apart? We turned to our favorite fashion insiders – and did some research ourselves – for the best tips and tricks for protecting sweaters from pilling.

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