18 Perfect Hostess Gifts

Scroll through above for 18 hostess gifts, for all the different relationships in your life!

This season is filled with parties, which makes us wonder: what is a hostess gift that’s actually original, that also doesn’t break the bank? We’ve thrown our fair share of dinner parties over the years, and always end up with a wealth of candles and too many bottles of cheap red wine.

We want to both get and give better gifts this year, starting with hostesses. These ladies go through a lot to plan the perfect party: booking venues, making the meals, having flowers delivered, not to mention the clean-up after. The very least we can do is get them a gift they’ll be sure to appreciate that’s more special than the typical choices. See our hit list for hostess gifts above; they’re divided into all the different types of possible relationships in your life, all under $75…

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