33 Things to Do With Apples

Scroll through above for what to do with your leftover apples!

It’s nearly November, and we have more apples in our fridge than we know what to do with it. Why? Turns out going apple picking almost every fall weekend yields pounds and pounds of apples; we should’ve seen this coming. Apples and almond butter may be our favorite snack, but truthfully, we’re bored by the recipes we usually make with apples. They feel basic, and we need some inspiration.

Apples are packed with enzymes and nutritious fiber (which we all could stand to eat more of). They are beneficial for building beauty both inside and out. We gathered the best recipes, beauty treatments, drinks, and ways to use apples in your home. Scroll through above for favorite ways to integrate apples into your every day routine; because you can only eat apple sauce so many times before you crack…

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