Comedian Jon Glaser

Jon Glaser is a bonafide New Yorker…that’s why his new show, Jon Glaser Loves Gear, is set right here in Manhattan. We sat down with actor/comedian/producer/writer/director (whoa) to hear all about his favorite restaurants in NYC, what he finds funny, and of course the new show, which premieres tonight on Trutv.

You’ll definitely recognize Glaser, if not from his stand-up, than from spots on TNP favorites like Trainwreck, Parks and Rec, Girls, and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Read below for Glaser’s take on where to get the best burrito, his favorite characters he’s played, and why he loves New York City so much…

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

Cereal, juice, latte, sandwich, seltzer, cookie, burrito, ice cream, bourbon, zzzzzzzzzz.

You work with a cast of comedians – what was the funniest thing that happened on set in New York City while filming?

We had something in one of the scripts where someone on the street, who would have been played by an actor, recognizes me from Delocated. We ended up not shooting that moment, and then five minutes after we wrapped for the day, it actually happened for real, when some dude walking down the sidewalk recognized me and shouted out “Hey, Delocated!”

We’ve seen you play some pretty memorable characters, like Jeremy Jamm on Parks and Rec and Laird on Girls. Do you have a favorite character you’ve played?

Dr. Rawstein from Wonder Showzen

Your new show really highlights New York. What are your favorite restaurants in New York and what do you get at each?

Current favorite spots: Picnic Basket – the egg brioche sandwich with avocado. The sauce is so yummy. Also their Tunisian tuna sandwich, spicy. Alidoro is great; I like the Sofia on semolina. Blue Ribbon for sushi; everything is great, but I’ll go non-sushi and highlight their delicious house salad and hibiscus iced tea. Varrio 408 in Park Slope has my favorite burrito. Wash it all down with a Stumptown latte and a warm chocolate chip cookie from Jacques Torres.

What’s Jon Glaser Loves Gear all about?

It’s basically about an asshole who loves gear. I would be that asshole, playing what I’d like to think is an exaggerated, dick version of myself. The episodes are rooted in my genuine, earnest love of gear, and then go off on many stupid tangents.

What has always made you laugh?

I always laugh hard when Daffy Duck says “Still lurking about!” in Rabbit Seasoning.

Who are your favorite other comedians right now?

Jo Firestone and John Early are both extremely hilarious and should be on your comed-ar (That’s supposed to stand for “comedy radar.”)

What is the one app you can’t go a day without? Why?

Scrabble, because I love Scrabble!

Words to both eat and perform by…

Chew well for proper digestion.

Why set your show in New York? What role does the city play in your/your character’s life?

I set the show in New York because I live here. The city plays no role in my character’s life other than to be the greatest city in the world and provide massive influence and daily inspiration.

What is your favorite on-set meal? Snack?

On-set snack would be Unique Brand Extra Dark Splits pretzels. Hands down the best pretzel I’ve ever had. Dreelicious. I meant to write “delicious”, but I’ll leave that typo because it’s better. They truly are the most dreelicious pretzels I’ve ever had!

Fill in these blanks:

You didn’t like olives until you tried them with your wife.   

In the same vein as people saying “XX is the new black” in fashion, what is the “new potato” in another industry right now?

Wouldn’t a new “potato” imply whatever is in vogue in the food industry?  Snap peas are the new potato or whatever?  This doesn’t mean anything, but let’s just go with “Burritos are the new high tops.”

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*Jon Glaser, photographed in New York, NY by Danielle Kosann