Are Sex and the City Restaurants Still Cool?

Scroll through above for the Sex and the City restaurants we still love…

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re Sex and the City fans here at The New Potato – who isn’t? We see ourselves in all the girls, whether it’s Miranda’s no-nonsense cynicism, Samantha’s proficiency at being a complete #badass, Charlotte’s naivety, and Carrie’s humor and style (obviously). Our weekends frequently include re-watching our favorite episodes, which got us thinking: Are the restaurants the women go to – aka the hottest spots in New York at the time – still open? More importantly – are they still as awesome as they used to be?

We did the research, and the answer was a resounding yes. Nothing beats the Loeb boathouse on a Saturday if you’re a New York romantic, and Tao can actually be surprisingly fabulous….Mee Krob and all. Scroll above for the restaurants featured on Sex and the City that we still love…whether it’s the 21 Club a la Carrie and Big, or The Russian Samovar a la Carrie and Aleksandr Petrovsky.

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