The Art Of Waking Up

We’re always trying to be more mindful here at The New Potato, and if we’ve learned anything from our contributors, it’s that your morning dictates the rest of your day. Wake up late, rush through your shower, and eat a doughnut on the run? You’re bound to feel sluggish come the afternoon.

This week, we’re making an effort to wake up every morning a little more positively. From waiting to check your emails to actually prepping a nutritious breakfast, we’ve rounded up our best ways to feel better in the morning. Here are our tips; we promise they’re sure to make a major impact..

1. Don’t look at your phone the moment you wake up. Give yourself fifteen minutes to do things like make a cup of coffee, wash your face and moisturize. It will make you feel far more centered than spending the first minutes of the morning with your face in your phone.

2. Consider checking your email only when you get into work. We know how hard this can be, as the nature of our business is always being plugged in, but realizing that things can actually wait until 9 or 10 AM can completely change your morning. Plus, you always run the risk of a negative email, which is never fun to see first thing in the morning. It can wait.

3. Raise your shades the minute you wake up. It seems small, but recently we noticed that this is something we so often neglect. It’s so much healthier starting the day with sunlight flooding in or just a view of the city than a semi-dark apartment.

4. Take the time to moisturize or use body oil. We so often skip this step in our beauty routine because we’re rushing in the morning. Giving yourself an extra five minutes to moisturize feels both refreshing, healthy and self-soothing.

5. Don’t look at your phone on the walk to the subway/walk to work from the subway. Keep it in your bag and just look around you; correspondences can wait. We felt so refreshed (it was a weird phenomenon) when we just kept our phones in our bag and looked around us. Remember real life? Try looking at it for awhile.

6. Try reading a hard copy of a newspaper rather than reading on your phone or iPad. There’s something therapeutic in the morning about staying away from screens; read content from the old-fashioned source. Most likely it’s the only time of day you’ll be able to have that luxury.

7. Wake up twenty minutes early and stretch while taking deep breaths. We know many are into meditation right now, and it’s a great morning ritual as well, but stretching is a particularly underrated way to start the day. It makes all the difference for your posture, the way you move throughout the day, and overall wellbeing.

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