5 Fall Cocktails

Scroll through above for how to make our five favorite fall cocktails

It’s October, and our rosé habit feels tired. Listen, light reds and whites: we still love you, but ours was a summer romance. We’ll never forget our picnics on the beach or vacation lunches, but you just don’t fit in with our flannels and fireplaces. The thought of a chilled drink when it’s forty degrees out is sobering. We need a little more heft from our drinks come fall, something that we can depend on to keep us warm and keep us company at holiday parties.

Fall is ushering cinnamon, apple, and spices into our everyday lives; we’re craving that in our drinks, too. We eat seasonally, so why not drink seasonally? Think about how good you’ll look in a sweater dress and plaid jacket, mulled wine in hand. So goodbye for now, Pinot Grigio and G&T’s; we’ll see you in April.

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