8 Champagne Glasses That Aren’t Lame

Scroll above for our favorite champagne glasses!

There’s nothing more festive than champagne; it’s the perfect drink for toasting, celebrating, ringing in the (not too far off) New Year. We love a good bubbly, but you wouldn’t necessarily guess it by looking at our glassware. We’re severely lacking in the champagne glass department. Why? Truthfully, buying glasses can be a pain. Flutes are very fragile, often expensive, and only our married friends and mothers seem to own full sets.

Even though it’s typically served at weddings, champagne doesn’t have to be stuffy. In The Seven Year Itch, Marilyn Monroe drank it with potato chips – why shouldn’t we? Try serving champagne in colored glasses, with fun shapes and interesting stems, and it’s instantly more casual. Scroll above for our eight favorite glasses to drink champagne from. At the very least, they’ll add some interest to your cabinets.

Fill those glasses with our favorite champagne cocktails, then stock your apartment with even more kitchen essentials.