Heard Around Town

Here’s our next installment of Heard Around Town, where we talk about things we’re hearing everywhere here at TNP that are starting to both make us pull our hair out and know we’re also guilty of saying. And we’re wondering: What are things you’re hearing around town, 24/7, ery’ day, all day recently that you just can’t take anymore (or perhaps that you’re saying yourself)? We want to hear from you, and in the meantime, here are ours…

“If trump wins, I’m moving to Canada.”

Why does everyone pick Canada? I feel like if anything use it as an excuse to move to Italy or Spain or the South of France, no qualms against Canada, #justsaying 

“What are you going to be for Halloween?”

You know I’m thinking I might do the same costume I did last year…me.

“Who wants to go Apple picking this weekend?!”

I went last weekend so, you know, not gonna be that girl that goes twice…send me the deets in case though. 

“Did you watch the debate?”

I didn’t watch the debate, I didn’t tape the debate, but please yes – give me a play by play during my one coffee break.

“I gotta get out of the city, you have to leave the city to love it, you know?”

I know, and Carrie Bradshaw said that, let’s call a spade a spade 

“Whatevs, It’s my cheat day!”

Please stop, you’re ruining brunch. 

“Let’s go somewhere cozy!”

I can’t even deny it, I’ve got the fever too. 

“Do you have gluten-free bread?”

Honey, we’re at JG melon. 

“Manhattan real estate is crazy. Do you know the space you could get anywhere else?” – I’m aware, but you bringing it up doesn’t exactly help. 

What have you heard around town? Tell us!

Here are some other things we’ve heard around town. Still looking to go apple picking? Consult our fall activity guide and bake a pie when you get back.