Donald & Hillary’s Horoscopes

From Ophira and Tali Edut, The Astrotwins*

This year’s election involves a glib, self-contradicting Gemini (Donald Trump) and a seasoned but secretive Scorpio (Hillary Clinton). Their dynamic has also been charged with cosmic tension, as their Sun signs are five signs apart, a jarring angle that can fuel deep-seated rivalry.

In this analysis of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s charts we’ll address both candidates’ strengths and their shortcomings. We’ve also agonized over this post as we know that we have loyal readers who live in both the Democratic and Republican camps. Politics are touchy topics. And yes, we are in the astrology business. But we are also human beings living on planet Earth: as above, so below. Our father is an immigrant who hustled daily, hands in the soil, running his own landscaping business to raise money to support our family. One of us is the mother to a bright and spunky Libra daughter who will do much more in her lifetime than show up in a bandage dress as a good-looking prop. In the 90s, Ophira even had the privilege of working with Gloria Steinem, while Tali helped to build Ms. magazine’s inaugural website. See both horoscopes below…


Secrecy in the stars: Sun in Scorpio

Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio—a sign known for being mysterious, strategic and driven to achieve. The Sun governs the public side of one’s personality and those born with el Sol in private Scorpio don’t always feel so comfortable being scrutinized. This is a sign that prefers to work its magic behind the scenes as Clinton has through her decades-long career in law and politics, graduating from First Lady to Secretary of State before picking up the presidential nomination. Scorpio is the alchemist; this sign knows how to take lead and turn it into gold. They will work tirelessly towards transformation, especially when they are in the highest expression of their sign, the soaring phoenix rising from the ashes.

Natural auditors and detectives, Scorpios will obsessively research until they crack the case and Clinton has the Sherlock gene. Shortly after graduating from Yale Law School, she was part of the presidential impeachment inquiry committee advising the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives during Richard Nixon’s Watergate brouhaha. Whether someone else’s or their own, secrecy and scandal often follow Scorpios. Indeed, Clinton’s roster comes with the classic Scorpio grey areas and cover-ups. From the Whitewater real estate deals of the 70s and 80s to the Benghazi deaths to the deleted emails on her illegal, private server, she has drawn plenty of fire along her campaign trail.

Scorpio Stellium: Sun, Venus, Mercury, S. Node (and maybe Ascendant)

Not only is Hillary’s Sun in Scorpio, but her Venus, Mercury and South Node also reside in this esoteric sign. Her birth time remains a “guesstimate” of 8:00 AM, which would also make her rising sign (ascendant) Scorpio. Woosh! Other sources cite right at midnight, which would give her a Leo rising, and Astrotheme lists a very specific but unconfirmed 2:18am, which would give her a Virgo rising.

Mercury is the planet of strategy and communication while Venus dictates her feminine expression. Hillary Clinton has been notoriously tight-lipped and hard to read, particularly in her personal affairs. Decades after Monica Lewinsky’s stained blue dress made headlines, we are still wondering how she kept such a brave and stoic face in the public eye…and if she smashed any plates in the White House china cabinet, maybe? Or did she wage a Scorpionic cold war, getting her just desserts by sticking around to break down Bill’s swagger?

So many unanswered questions…but the relentless public scrutiny about Clinton’s emotional state is honestly just another symptom of sexism. Our society just expects a woman to fall to pieces in the face of a personal storm. Hillary gave nothing to the tabloids but a show of extreme Venus in Scorpio loyalty to her husband and family, which also left people wondering if she was being strong or a sucker for the love of (Leo) Bill.

With all her icy-cool Scorpio in the mix, Clinton has had to work a lot harder to be likeable than many other candidates—and certainly more so than President Obama, a Leo Sun with affable Aquarius rising. The hawkish nature of a Scorpio can be so focused on getting results that they forget about extending the all-important human touch. With her South Node (the “past life” point) in Scorpio too, her elusive vibe is one she’s carried from other incarnations. But Scorpios can flip the switch quickly, turning on the charm and revealing the depth and devotion this sign is also famous for. When a Scorpio loves you, they are in for life—but it would be nice if they informed their faces of their feelings. Surely, Clinton tapped into that magnetism when negotiating the Israel-Hamas ceasefire and visiting a record-breaking 112 countries during her four years as Secretary of State. And while she’s been under the gun in ways many male politicians will never experience, she’s maintained extreme cool in the face of scrutiny—qualities one should celebrate in any presidential candidate, male or female.

Hidden compassion: Moon in Pisces

The moon governs one’s inner world—emotions, desires and urges. Hillary Clinton was born with her moon in plumb-the-depths Pisces, the zodiac’s most compassionate and idealistic sign. Clinton’s early work as an attorney was at The Children’s Defense Fund. As the First Lady of Arkansas, she focused on reforming public schools. At the U.N.’s Beijing Conference in 1995, she famously declared that, “women’s rights are human rights,” positioning herself as an activist for women around the globe. The charitable Piscean energy may have lent a role to the establishment of The Clinton Foundation.

And while Clinton may not have Trump’s on-air charm, many remark that she is warm and personable during her live appearances. Perhaps her compassionate Pisces moon has an easier time peeking through when her Scorpio side isn’t activated by the media’s scrutiny. And it may very well be this lunar impulse that allowed her to forgive her husband’s public infidelities. That said Pisces is the sign of denial: Was she truly letting it go or just “looking the other way?” We have to wonder about this when it comes to the scandals Clinton has been fingered for. Was she just in denial or a fog about those Benghazi warning emails? A Pisces moon can conveniently “forget” the things they don’t want to deal with—something she won’t be able to do as Commander In Chief.

Pantsuit power: Saturn in Leo

Saturn, the planet of restriction and time-honored achievements, lands in Leo in Clinton’s chart. While Leo is the sign of leadership and royalty, Saturn’s influence will not hand over the keys to the kingdom until they’ve been earned the hard way. Indeed, Hillary Clinton has made a long, slow climb to the top with decades of service—even playing Best Supporting to her husband Bill as the Governor of Arkansas and U.S. President. Two Leos—namely her husband Bill and Monica Lewinsky—were a Saturnian thorn in Clinton’s side, bringing a maturing experience and a difficult choice: to put on a brave face or divorce?

While Leo in the chart generally makes one a darling of the cameras, stoic Saturn can counteract that effect. From the media’s perspective, Saturn in Leo has also given Clinton a bit of a public image problem. Her style has been widely criticized—although we are endorsing our friend’s hashtag-driven campaign #pantsuits4hillary with aplomb! A Pantsuit Power flash mob even broke up a month before Election Day. Clinton has been judged harshly (and unfairly) for her looks, her voice, her laugh—and of course her “lion’s mane” of hair. The silver lining of this scrutiny is that Clinton has earned her rise to the top based on merit and experience. She’s no newbie to Capitol Hill and her years of experience will make her a seasoned leader.

Ego trips? Mars and Pluto in Leo

As polarized as Donald and Hillary may be, this is one commonality in their astrological charts. Both candidates were born with aggressive Mars and power-obsessed Pluto side-by-side in Leo. This confidence-boosting duo definitely warms up all the chilly Scorpio vibes in Clinton’s chart—and gives her a hand in the public speaking department. This Mars-Pluto pairing certainly makes both candidates hungry for power. There can be an impatience (Mars) that leads to sneakiness (Pluto), and Clinton has been one to bend the rules for her will. Yet this potent planetary duo also gives her the regal stance befitting a Commander In Chief—and the ego strength to take all the frat-boy level critiques flung her way. Romantically, Mars and Pluto in Leo make Clinton attracted to a virile mate. The potent charm of Leo Bill Clinton is well documented by women who have swooned upon meeting him. But we’re guessing Scorpio Hillary can hold her own behind closed doors. ‘Nuff said.

Geek chic, international aims: Jupiter in Sagittarius

The geeks shall inherit the Earth! Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and expansion is parked in its home sign of Sagittarius, the sign that governs higher education, global relations, travel and the law. This placement was certainly advantageous for Clinton’s diplomatic missions and her tenure as Secretary of State. Clinton’s “geek chic” has made her an avid learner and researcher with a Yale degree in Law under her red pantsuited belt. And she stands proudly as an example of a smart and ambitious female role model. But Jupiter is also the capricious gambler—and doubly so in Sagittarius. This placement can make one prone to taking foolish risks like taking foreign donations for the Clinton Foundation while in office—a move that could be seen as a clear-cut conflict of interest.

Stamina, anyone? North Node in Taurus

Bring on the fact checkers! The North Node in the destiny point in the chart—an energy that people have to reach for in order to incorporate. Clinton’s North Node is in grounded, by-the-books Taurus—the sign of (ahem) stamina—and oh, is she getting lessons in that arena. Taurus is the opposite sign to Scorpio (where Clinton’s South Node resides). Instead of being secretive, this sign is black-or-white about matters. Taurus North Node people need to learn how to adhere to process and follow the rules. Perhaps the embarrassment of her private email server scandal will be enough to catapult Clinton into the ethical energy of her North Node. Skip the shortcuts Hillary and you’ll come out “strong like Bull.”

A word about Pisces running mate Tim Kaine

While Donald Trump has a band of airy Geminis and verbal Virgos—all mutable signs ruled by sharp-tongued Mercury—Hillary’s hydrogen-powered camp is heavy on the water signs, thanks to her Scorpio Sun sign and Tim Kaine’s Pisces Sun sign. Interestingly, both Tim Kaine AND Mike Pence have their moon sign in fast-talking, dodgy Gemini, which explains why the Vice Presidential debate was a circus of circular arguments, interruptions, denials and fudged facts. Water signs tend to be more emotional and reactive, perhaps also explaining why Kaine’s debate demeanor came across as overwrought. That said, Pisces can be champions of the underdog—and they happily stand beside a powerful alpha female in a supportive role.


Working the crowd: Gemini Sun in the 10th house

Donald Trump is a Gemini—the clever, fast-talking sign governed by Mercury the messenger. Love him or loathe him, you have to give it to the Donald: The man has coined some snappy soundbites. With his Uranus, ruler of technology, social media and group activity, in his tenth house of public image, it’s no surprise he’s caused such uproars on Twitter and at his own rallies. His Sun is also in the tenth house of status and leadership, in close proximity to Uranus. And while we’re personally hoping he’ll hear #You’reFired this November 8, these placements help him spit out phrases that spread like wildfire through the zeitgeist. Make America Great Again! Crooked Hillary…the list goes on. Unfortunately, his basket of slogans also includes deplorable insults against women, people of color, Muslims, the disabled…and the list goes on. With the Sun in Trump’s tenth house of masculinity, he’s had a lifetime of so-called “locker room talk” and perpetuating a misogyny-riddled boy’s club, which became excruciatingly evident with the leak of his Access Hollywood hot mic “p***y grab” and the entitled behavior he’s passed down to his sons.

Geminis have a reputation for being double-talkers who twist people’s words and contradict themselves. And while this isn’t the case for ALL people born under this sign (not by a long shot), Trump has proven the stereotype true on several occasions. During the September 26 presidential debate he flatly denied an earlier conversation with ABC News anchor David Muir in which he said, “I just don’t believe she (Clinton) has a presidential look.” Despite his statements being documented, Trump insisted that what he actually said was that Clinton “doesn’t have the stamina” to be President. Then there’s his ever-shifting position on whether or not he supported the Iraq war, his praise for Putin’s “strength”…and those elusive tax returns.

Showmanship and…that hair: Leo Rising

Donald Trump’s Leo rising (or ascendant) colors his appearance and demeanor. Leo rising people are often first spotted by their trademark “manes” of hair. They can be blustery, outspoken and ready to roar. With his notoriously swirled and silky hair and his orange-tinted complexion, Trump even resembles the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz. And kind of like the Lion went to Oz to find courage, Trump also received a surrogate medal of courage (in his case, a veteran gave him his Purple Heart)—although in Trump’s case, there was no act of bravery performed to earn it.

Leo is also the Hollywood sign, owing to Trump’s numerous appearances on shows fromThe Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air to Spin City. And of course, there was his own successful franchise with The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice. He’s certainly not shy when the cameras are rolling—or, ahem, when they aren’t.

The downside of the Leo rising is that it can give more bluster and ego than anything else. However, the Leo rising person can exude a warm, protective energy, which Trump is able to project to his unquestioning followers…until he ruins it all by losing his temper.

Entrepreneurship, international ties, tactless comments: Sagittarius Moon

The moon sign governs the inner nature: what makes us tick, what moves us emotionally. Trump’s moon sign is in fiery, enterprising Sagittarius—the sign that governs international expansion. Perhaps this is the drive behind his 3.7 billion-dollar empire (taxes paid or not), one that has developments in Panama, Istanbul and elsewhere. Sagittarius is the sign of candor—an outspokenness that can easily lead to “foot in mouth” disease.

This moon sign can be combustible and prone to hotheaded, offensive outbursts. It’s little surprise that Trump has fired off so many controversial and off-color statements in the heat of the moment. His self-regulated Twitter account has become subject of campaign scrutiny and GOP angst—and a guilty addiction for voters of both parties. What will the man say next? This has led many to wonder if someone with such an itchy Twitter finger should have access to another hot button—one that could launch nuclear arms.

Spotlight stealer: North Node and Uranus in the 10th House

Famous or notorious, the spotlight seems to follow Donald Trump. And he has no issue courting it. Uranus, the planet that rules TV, social media and popularity, lands in Trump’s tenth house of leadership, awards and public image. Is it any wonder he’s so obsessed with winning? The tenth house rules duty, men and old-school values, making Trump popular with veterans and a largely white male voter base, many of whom want to turn back time to when America was “great” (if you were a white, middle class male, that is). Uranus is the planet of rebellion, which may explain the outdated and sexist “bro humor” to which Trump is partial, and his gang of old-school male cronies that includes Rudy Giuliani, Roger Ailes and Chris Christie.

This is the chart of someone who wants to be in charge—unapologetically so. However, Trump’s North Node, which reveals his karmic “learning curve,” causes him to flounder on the path. His endless spate of rookie mistakes are as frequent (and jaw-dropping) as his bankruptcies. Yet, his tenth house Uranus keep him inciting anger and rebellion at his rallies, no matter what he says or does. Since Uranus rules “fringe” groups and radical gatherings, it’s no surprise he’s drawn a base of white nationalists and alt-right devotees.

Uranus rules technology, while Gemini is the sign of communication and media. Once again, no surprise “@RealDonaldTrump” has taken to Twitter to settle his many grudges and cast himself as a victim of rigged media and election fraud. With hotheaded, erratic Uranus in the driver’s seat, his unfiltered tweets and commentary have stirred up the controversy this planet and zodiac sign are both famous for.

Power trips & showboating: Mars and Pluto in Leo

Here’s where the two candidates share a path as both Donald and Hillary were born with a planetary pairing of aggressive Mars and strategic Pluto in Leo—the sign of leaderships. This confidence-boosting placement definitely fares well for someone on a mission to rule the free world. But unchecked, it can easily lead to power trips and even narcissism. The ego is often in the driver’s seat for Mars in Leo people, who thrive on praise and adulation. They are also romantics who love the thrill of the hunt. To wit, Trump has been married three times, all to women who fit the glamorous, photogenic bill that a showy Mars in Leo loves. Trump also has seductive, subterranean Pluto in Leo, which may explain his mysterious allure and “broad shouldered” leadership, as his vice presidential candidate Mike Pence often references reverentially.

Mommy issues: Saturn conjunct Venus in Cancer; Mercury in Cancer

Conservative Saturn is mashed up with Venus—the planet that dictates Trump’s views on women—and in the ultra-feminine sign of Cancer, no less. This may partially explain The Donald’s Mad Men era views on women and his adherence to “traditional” gender roles. Venus is all about glamour and eye candy, and Trump can’t seem to stop himself from commenting on a woman’s beauty—or her weight gain. (Cancer governs our eating habits AND feminine curves.)

Saturn is the planet of restriction and in Cancer can point to a rejection of what Carl Jung referred to as the anima—the inner feminine of a man’s personality. There are, in fact, three planets in Cancer in Trump’s chart: Saturn, Venus and messenger Mercury, which may point to some undercover sensitivity being covered up by all that bluster. To wit: His many thin-skinned moments, his feuds with women and his habit of taking everything personally.

Cancer is the sign of hearth and home and domestic security has been a huge topic for the Trump campaign with promises to build a wall to keep out Mexicans, screen Muslims and block Syrian refugees from entering the United States. Cancer is also the sign of all things maternal and here’s something fascinating: Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric may be rooted in some serious Mommy issues. The Republican candidate’s own mother, Mary MacLeod Trump, was a Scottish immigrant who came to America in 1929 in search of economic opportunity much like the Mexicans whom Trump so vehemently defiles. Ledgers show her listed as a “maid” and “domestic,” when she arrived on the shores.

In Trump’s words, “Part of the problem I’ve had with women has been in having to compare them to my incredible mother, Mary Trump” whom he’s called “smart as hell.” Mary Trump even shares a star sign, Taurus, with Donald’s third and current wife Melania. Paging Dr. Freud?

Lady fingers? South Node in Sagittarius and 4th House

Now here’s the grandest cosmic joke: Donald Trump may have been a woman in his past life! The moon’s South Node is the karmic point in the chart, one that determines the soul’s past journey—and Trump’s falls in Sagittarius and the fourth house of femininity, mothers and also real estate. (In swaggering Sagittarius, he was no English rose the last go ’round!)

Trump’s constant harping on his masculinity may belie some soul-level insecurity about entering this lifetime as a dude. From getting bent out of shape about the length of his fingers (#TrumpHands anyone?), to inferring that his penis is long enough, to nicknaming opponent Rubio “Little Marco,” Trump has been quite a size queen. And does this explain his refusal to change diapers or do anything domestic? Now, if we could just get him to remember where he came from…

Home and family fall under the fourth house’s domain and Trump has a strong allegiance to his brood. In turn, his kids have taken a strong and supportive stance for their father. Daughter Ivanka is being called “the secret weapon” behind his campaign, touting her father’s paid maternity leave promises and positioning herself as the mouthpiece for modern mothers. His eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., has acted as daddy’s mouthpiece, likening Syrian refugees to Skittles and making tasteless references to “the gas chamber.”

With an ever-expanding Sagittarius South Node in the house that governs real estate, it’s no wonder those Trump Towers keep popping up everywhere.

A word about Gemini Mike Pence, Trump’s running mate:

Gemini is the sign of the Twins, and The Donald has surrounded himself with Gemini signmates, including VP nominee Mike Pence and Rudy Giuliani.

Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by verbal, analytical Mercury, and Trump’s other close buddy Chris Christie happens to be born under the Virgo Sun sign. With all this Mercurial energy in the air, it’s no wonder the Trump campaign is a lot of talk and not much planning., Mercury-ruled people can play fast-and-loose with their words, making promises that sound good in the moment, but ones they conveniently forget to keep.

Unfortunately, Mike Pence—while having the Gemini gift of polished verbal delivery and talk-show hosting experience—has proven to be equally prone to the negative Gemini trait of lying and denying, tarnishing the good name of the honest and articulate Geminis out there. Pence has his Sun, moon AND verbal Mercury in Gemini, which allowed him to remain composed while denying well-documented Trump-isms at the VP debate. His Saturn in old-school, patriarchal Capricorn explains his archaic views on women’s and gay rights, along with his conservative religious values. And it made everyone with Daddy issues swoon over his debate demeanor—until the bizarre disconnect between style and substance was revealed.

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