Does Donald Actually Want To Be President?

So we know we aren’t a political website, but this is the only election that is so insane, you can’t not talk about it even if your job is writing about cheese shops or reporting on runway shows. We’re in the same boat: We’ve all had one too many “last straws” over the past few months, where our blood boils and we think ‘Is this a dream, or am I actually in real life right now?’

That sentiment mostly follows something presidential nominee Donald Trump says, tweets or does,  whether it’s a taping of him talking about grabbing women’s genitals, questioning President Obama’s birth certificate, or (most recently) suggesting SNL be canceled for satire-ing a presidential nominee – seriously, wasn’t this a scene in the science fiction film V For Vendetta about a futuristic, dystopian dictatorship in the UK?

We’ve come to the conclusion that there can only be one explanation for all of this: Donald Trump never really thought he’d be president, and he wants out.

Honestly we feel kind of bad for the guy; it’s got to be stressful to run for president and not actually think you’d get picked. I mean if you win, you’re about to be roped into a pretty stressful situation for at least 4 years.

It seems Trump is – in fact – self-sabotaging because he never really thought this day would come. Like us, he awoke one morning thinking Is this real or is this a dream? Am I actually going to be the nominee for president? Let’s pump the breaks here…what behavior will get me out?

That might be the big secret of this election, and if that’s his motive, let’s give him some credit guys. It’s actually the one thing he is doing a seriously killer job at.

The start of the election was a bit like when Seinfeld’s George Costanza tried to get fired from the Yankees after getting a job offer from the Mets. He is unsuccessful: The worse he is, the more his bosses, co-workers and yankee fans love him.

George does everything from wearing – and staining – Babe Ruth’s old jersey, to streaking through yankee stadium in a nude body suit. George Steinbrenner (his boss) revered George for the Babe Ruth jersey move, saying it was an “out with the old in the with the new” mentality. And his nude attire made him a favorite amongst Yankees fans. As hard as Costanza tried to be a ridiculous human being and get out of his job with the Yankees, it only made him more likable – much like Trump’s trajectory in the first throes of the election.

So what does Trump need to do to get fired? It seems he’s done it all.

It’s ironic that a guy that used to get to dole out a “You’re fired” on a weekly basis (The Apprentice), now yearns for that same phrase to be said to him.

We’re not sure what advice to give the guy, because if calling Mexicans rapists, mocking a disabled reporter, or saying you’d date your daughter if she wasn’t your daughter doesn’t get you out of being President of the United States, we’re really not sure what will.

Wish we could have helped him more, but you all can by voting. Let’s be good people and just give the guy a break.

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