10 Jackets You Can Wear The Old-Fashioned Way

Scroll through the slideshow above for our favorite jackets of the season!

Is it just us, or have people completely forgotten how to wear jackets? From the over-the-shoulder cape-esque trend that the fashion set have adopted, to the one shoulder draped look celebrities (read: every single Kardashian and Jenner sister) have been sporting recently, we’re starting to feel like jackets should come with an instructional manual. Just like when the one-earring craze occurred, and we’d informed girls that they’d lost an earring (only to be looked at like we were crazy), we’ve recently felt just as crazy helping random girls put a side of their jacket back on their shoulder, only to find out they meant to have it that way.

Call us traditionalists, but we believe there is absolutely no shame in wearing a jacket the old fashioned way, (i.e. with arms through their designated armholes, and fabric over the shoulders) — in fact, we advocate for it. So, go ahead, take a fashion risk, and start wearing jackets the right way again. We dare you.

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