Gemini November Horoscope

From Ophira and Tali Edut, The Astrotwins.
Get to work, Gemini! As November begins, you’re in “taking care of business” mode, thanks to the Sun marching through Scorpio and your sixth house of health, fitness and organization. Tackle lingering tasks and administrative details. Put something clean and green on your plate. Streamline your schedule, budget and commitments, cutting out the excess. This solar cycle, which lasts until November 21, could set you up to have a calm and chaos-free holiday season.

Bonus: Getting a healthy eating and workout regimen underway will help balance out the decadence that lies ahead. Find ways to incorporate movement into your day. Even if you just walk a few times a week—or step out of the office and take a call while you briskly circle the block. Slap on a fitness tracker, download an app and measure your efforts if you can—the sixth house is all about data and hard numbers. We love this podcast with entrepreneur Derek Halpern that encourages the sedentary masses to take those ten thousand daily steps.

Midmonth, the stars sound the call for rest, closure and major healing. On November 14, the Taurus full moon, also a potent supermoon, beams into your twelfth house of endings and spirituality. An unresolved situation could finally reach its breaking point—it’s time to surrender, wave the white flag and let it go. A relationship might go through a tough transition, or you could be mourning a loss that you’ve swept aside. What is the deeper message or takeaway you can glean from this, Gemini? While it might be painful in the moment, there is a tremendous opportunity for personal growth if you look deeper. For a lightning-bolt epiphany or two, listen to one of Marianne Williamson’s enlightening weekly Livestream lectures, which are filled with divinely-channeled mic drops based on principles from A Course in Miracles.

This full moon could also be an incredibly romantic and fantasy-fueled day, or it could bring up a surge of emotional tenderness. Let the tears flow and wear your heart on your sleeve. (Warning: That could happen whether you want it to or not!) Drop the drawbridge that’s fortressing your heart and allow some worthy people to come in—and even a guardian angel type. The twelfth house rules receiving, which can be a harder act to pull off than giving, because it requires the courage to be vulnerable. This full moon reminds you that it’s okay to ask for support. You don’t have to do it all yourself!

Career confusion clears up on November 19, when hazy Neptune ends a five-month retrograde (backward) spin through Pisces and your ambitious tenth house. Stalled plans could pick up steam and doors will open again. Now that you’ve gotten in touch with your deepest self, it’s safe to recalibrate your grandest goals, or even to strike out on a new, creatively fulfilling professional path. If you’ve been estranged from an important man in your life, possibly your father, Neptune’s forward turn could spur the healing process.

On November 21, the Sun begins its monthlong trek through Sagittarius and your seventh house of one-on-one relationships. It’s all about your closest compadres now, Gemini. Put your to-do list down and go strengthen the bonds with your S.O. and your inner circle. Single Twins could meet someone with real long-term potential now. Work-wise, you could begin talks for an inspiring business alliance or collaboration.

All partnerships get an infusion of fresh-start energy on November 29, when the Sagittarius new moon ignites a fresh six-month cycle around committed relationships. Is it time to sign on the dotted line? Quite possibly. Just watch for a nearby square from confusing Neptune in your long-term goals house. Don’t rush into ANY contracts or promises without making sure your big-picture visions align. Do you want the same things a year, five or even ten years from now? Although it might feel uncomfortable to raise such questions, you’d do yourself a disservice to gloss these things over, assuming it will just all work out. The way you start any relationship is the way you’ll finish it, so insist on clarity and integrity from the get-go.

Before the month ends, there’s one BIG potential trouble spot, and it happens to fall on Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. (thanks, cosmos). November 24 brings a rare and intense square between expansive Jupiter and power-tripping Pluto. Should you hold back or let it all out? With outspoken Jupiter in your flamboyant fifth house, you want to blast your opinions on loudspeaker. But furtive Pluto in your private and vengeful eighth house warns that you could piss off the wrong person, or just regret spewing out an unfiltered rant. This is the first of three Jupiter-Pluto faceoffs (the next ones are in March and August), and the potential for drama, jealousy and ego battles is sky-high. While you may NEED to put a bullying person in their place, avoid sinking to their level. Make Michelle Obama’s famous words your mantra: “When they go low, we go high.”

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