What Are The Best Health Spots?

Scroll through above for 8greens founder Dawn Russell’s insider guide to healthy spots. 

Later this month, we’ll be hitting up sunny Los Angeles to photograph celebs, soak in some sun, and try to be healthier than we normally are. While you can often find us camped at Tower Bar for martinis and lobster tacos, we also love a good healthy spot in Los Angeles, and wanted to get a brand new guide to them from a brand new wellness guru.

Enter Dawn Russell, founder of 8greens and an all-around high-vibe woman. Dawn lives in England regularly but knows Los Angeles like the back of her hand. We plugged Russell for all her favorite healthy spots – from where to eat to the best yoga in town – in Los Angeles. So if you’re headed to the West Coast (or live there), and want to step up your wellness game by perusing tips from an insider, look no further…

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