When You Get A Run In Your Tights

Scroll above for our tips to get out of a beauty emergency, asap!

If you’re anything like us, or Carrie Bradshaw, you aren’t the woman who can wear white and not get anything on it. Therefore, you’re the kind of woman who has multiple beauty emergencies a week where you look up to the heavens and think “Why me?” Whether it be a torn pair of tights at a dinner party or a chipped manicure on a first date, the probability that us Potatoheads have a beauty faux-pas is always high.

Holiday season is officially around the corner, and there is nothing worse than getting caught in the middle of a beauty emergency between events. As strong independent women, we can handle most anything, even a red wine stain on a white blouse. Stash this handy guide for those SOS-moments. If you’re anything like us, Potatoheads, we know you’ll need it. See above for our best tips for common issues like a run in your tights, a broken heel or even an easy fix for Hat Head: We can get through this season together….

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