8 Turmeric Lattes We Love in NYC

Scroll through above for 8 spots to get 8 great Turmeric Lattes

Ever wonder how much sugar is in your favorite morning pick-me-up? Word to the wise, it can be more than a can of soda, depending on where you’re getting your latte. We love a good cup of coffee, but we can’t always justify the sugar rush (and subsequent crash). It’s time we start thinking about drinking a healthier alternative.

Enter the city’s buzziest drink: the turmeric latte. Naturally immune system-boosting, this attractive golden drink is Instagram-famous for a reason. Foodies and nutritionists alike love turmeric lattes for their antioxidants and powerful energy-boost, without the dehydrating caffeine. Move aside PSL, there’s a new drink in town. Scroll above for our favorite turmeric lattes in the city. Finally, a treat you can feel good about drinking…

Loving turmeric? Try it in a cold-busting tea or as a brightening face mask!