Superfoods, Nuts & Seeds You Need

Scroll through above for the best superfoods, nuts and seeds and their benefits!

Staying on top of the hottest food trend is nearly impossible. Staying on top of the best foods to eat to stay healthy is even more challenging: are egg yolks actually good for us? Is this collagen thing a hoax? We need a stripped down guide to make eating healthy every day ​a reality.

Superfoods, nuts and seeds are an incredibly easy way to incorporate healthy fats and vitamins into your diet everyday.  Let’s be honest: if it isn’t easy, we probably won’t do it. If your morning oatmeal is feeling a little tired, some brazil nuts are the quickest way to jazz it up. Add bee pollen to your smoothies; it’s like accessorizing your old stand-by. Scroll above for the best superfoods to add to your smoothies, salads, and snacks, and why they’re so good for you…

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