Pisces November Horoscope

From Ophira and Tali Edut, The Astrotwins.

“Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.” These words from French writer Voltaire are your guiding light, as the Sun visits Scorpio, your liberated ninth house of expansion, travel and adventure, until November 21. Explore new vistas and wriggle out of confining situations. You could plan an epic trip, take a personal growth workshop or plant the seeds for a startup venture. Break out of your well-worn groove by speaking up and being honest with yourself and others. If some part of your life isn’t inspiring you, this is your moment to change that. The more you challenge yourself to spread your wings, the happier you’ll be.

Excited as you are, you’ll need to regulate your energy. Action-planet Mars is in Aquarius, your sensitive and restful twelfth house, from November 8-December 19. You could feel more raw and emotional than usual (even for you, Pisces!), and your sleep could be disrupted by anxious dreams or racing thoughts. Pace yourself and be extra gentle, especially if you’re dealing with a difficult situation or transition. Inner work can really pay off now, and even though you’re psyched to launch your grand plans, don’t skip therapeutic activities like yoga, acupuncture and self-care. You may also struggle to forgive someone and let go of anger during this time. Since the twelfth house rules secrets, watch out for hidden agendas, shady people and being too trusting of a certain big-talking character. Do what you can to maintain a centered and serene attitude. Check out The Book of Joy, a conversation between spiritual masters the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu, about finding joy in the face of adversity.

Banner news could arrive on November 14, as the Taurus full moon, a potent supermoon, lights up your third house of ideas, communication and messages. You might receive a game-changing email or get the green light on a project that’s been in development. Conversations could catapult you to entirely new and productive ways of thinking, so schedule brainstorming sessions and meetings. On a personal note, this is a great day to clear the air with a colleague, sibling or close friend. A writing, media or teaching project could also reach a pivotal turning point. This potent full moon gives you a rush of motivation—so get it done!

On November 19, hazy Neptune, your ruling planet, turns direct (forward) in your first house of self, clearing the cobwebs that have gathered in your mind. Since June 16, the planet of illusions has been retrograde (backward) in Pisces, muddying the waters around personal plans and goals. Maybe you struggled to find clarity about your path. One day, you were ready to settle down, the next you were Googling ashrams and swearing off dating in order to focus on your career. Now, the fog lifts, and you’ll have a clearer sense of action. Your wayward journey has had some twists and turns, but it hasn’t been in vain. Once Neptune powers ahead again, reflect on the higher purpose of your recent confusion. You could unearth a deeper message that helps you see this reflective cycle as a blessing, not a curse.

Either way, it’s time to get ambitious! On November 21, the Sun enters Sagittarius, your tenth house of professional advancement, snapping your career goals into front-burner status. Whether gunning for a holiday bonus or making strategic moves to score a new client, this is your time to shine. Show up at the office early, and cut down on late nights and anything else that’s going to distract you from your goals. If you work, work, work, work, work (to the tune of your signmate Rhianna) you WILL see the results by the end of the year. Apply yourself, Pisces!

Watch for explosive tension around November 24, when reckless Jupiter in Libra, your eighth house of intensity and intimacy, clashes with manipulative Pluto in Capricorn, your eleventh house of friendships and socializing. This is the first of three Jupiter-Pluto squares, with the next two coming in 2017, on March 30 and August 4. A close partnership, personal or professional, might demand more of your attention—and also conflict with your need for freedom. One part of you has the urge to merge, but this all-consuming bond could also encroach on your personal space. If you get the slightest hint of someone trying to control or smother you, you could lash out or do something rebellious. Friends could also be jealous of your relationship or other successes, and the tension could come to a head now. Around this date, be careful about loaning money to friends, especially if you sense an unhealthy dynamic at play: e.g. if this person feels entitled to your hard-earned dinero, it might not be the clean transaction you expect. Watch your own holiday spending today—lock away the credit cards if you’re tempted to charge up a Black Friday binge.

On November 29, the Sagittarius new moon offers a preview of your New Year’s resolutions, as it sparks up your tenth house of long-term goals. Why not start mapping out 2017 a month early? You’re ready to start a whole new chapter in your professional life, so ask yourself: what do I really want? Tighten your resume, polish your online presence and put the word out to your network if you’re seeking new work or clients. Plant the seeds of where you’d like to be in the next six months. Since the tenth house rules men, this new moon could help you make peace with an important guy in your life, possibly your father.

This day is page-turning and inspirational, but you might also be fuzzy around how to make your dreams a reality as the new moon forms a tense square to Neptune in Pisces. Remain grounded and logical, but balance that with spiritual practices, like meditation or vision boards to help your creative visualization. Just don’t get SO caught up in the woo-woo part that you rely completely on “the universe” at the expense of hard work and real-deal action. The tenth house rules structure, so make a plan and stick to it!

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