Actress Jessica Alba

Actress Jessica Alba is another multi-tasker we have a serious girl crush on. She makes being a fabulous mom, trusted businesswoman, investor, author, and actress all seem not only manageable but effortless. Alba epitomizes practicing beauty from the inside out – especially with her brand The Honest Company – so when she says to hydrate or meditate, we seriously listen. We’ve interviewed Alba before and with Honest Beauty haircare launching, and her new campaign with Zico Coconut Water, we knew we had to sit down with her again to get her scoop on the best ways to live naturally. Read below to hear what she has to say about brand management, creating content, and the best poke bowl…

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

My ideal food day would start with my husband’s gluten-free pancakes or avocado toast. I like two eggs over medium with one slice of avocado toast – I add a lot of Himalayan sea salt, chili flakes, and pepper – and a giant almond milk latte. Then, on the way to work, I usually pound a Zico Coconut Water to try to hydrate what I just dehydrated. When I get to work, we have food trucks at the office, so everyday for lunch is something new. I like a poke bowl with jalapeños and fresh tuna. I skip the rice and do poke over kale and quinoa, and I put Sriracha in there with lots of ginger. For snack, I’ll have popcorn that we make at the office with coconut oil and another coconut water. For dinner, I would say tacos or a spaghetti squash primavera.

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

I think it’s just making healthy, fresh choices. Staying hydrated; if you’re hydrated, your skin looks good. You look more alive and awake. I don’t eat too much processed or packaged food. Eat as fresh as possible, and eat organic when you can. It’s important for me to be mentally healthy. A workout a couple of times a week is nice. And I meditate, even if it’s just for three minutes or five minutes. We started to try and do Headspace with the kids, and Andy Puddicombe sent us some meditations for bedtime. It’s important too, how you carry yourself, how you think about yourself, being kind in how you talk to yourself; it really sets up your day. If you’re not going to be kind to yourself, no one else will.

What is your definition of good content?

Good content for me feels like something I can apply to my life, whether it’s branded or not. I like to learn something and get a good tip. Content that I think is good is something that I can learn from.

What do you think are some of the pitfalls brands make, in trying to figure out their voice?

I think a lot of brands approach it like an after thought. You can see right through the intention, and authenticity of it. I think it’s important to not just try to sell people something; you want to give them a tip that they can apply or some information, regardless of whether they buy whatever you’re trying to sell.

What do you think it is about Honest that makes it resonate so much?

One of our main focuses is educating and inspiring people. So giving people information in ways they can digest it, but also supporting the community and not saying you have to think this or that. We don’t put boundaries on what it means to be healthy or to make better choices. People want to feel like they’re learning something, but they don’t want to feel like every other decision they’re making is bad. They’re all just trying to make the best decision they can. We also share their content, so part of that is celebrating all the user generated content and reposting. They’re bringing us into the most important parts of their lives, and when they share that with the world, we want to celebrate that.

Honest was one of the first to corner the market on natural products. Does that make you happy or do you feel like there are a lot of inauthentic brands following suit?

I think we started the conversation on healthy alternatives. Before the Honest Company, there really wasn’t any one company that gave people trust and peace of mind. We worked to bring people in on a lifestyle and a community as friends, instead of a stale old company’s messaging. If we can affect how companies have products made, and if we can get them to raise their standards, that’s ultimately what we’re trying to do. There are lots of alternative companies out there who do one alternative thing really well, but we’re trying to get the mainstream companies to up their ethical practices.

What advice would you give your younger self?

So much advice! It took me a long time to feel comfortable with being a leader and being smart and not listening to how other people identified me. I used to identify myself with how other people saw me or talked about me. People say, ‘Oh, you’re the girl that does this’ and then you feel like you have to play that role. And even though you’re like, ‘That is so not me’, you play that part. Now, I’m able to separate myself from other people’s ideas and judgements of me, and just trust my own sense of self. It took me a while to get there.

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*Jessica Alba, photographed in New York, NY by Danielle Kosann