It’s Never Too Early To Start Hand Cream

Scroll through the slideshow above for our favorite hand creams to start using now.

Mothers are full of good advice: “eat your vegetables,” “always treat others how you want to be treated” “stay out of the sun,” the list goes on and on. However, undoubtedly some of the best advice our mothers have ever given us has been to start using anti-aging creams early in life. Getting in the habit of using hand, eye and neck creams now, will definitely make a difference down the road in terms of aging — and the dreaded (yet inevitable) fact that aging equals wrinkles. *Gasp*

And though sometimes, in our rebellious teenage years, we chose to ignore our mothers’ good advice (who else used to be stubborn about using sunscreen and now regrets it?), we are definitely on our Moms’ wavelength now, especially when it comes to the beauty department. So in honor of our mothers, we’ve put together a list of the best hand creams to start using now, peruse them above, and stay tuned for miracle creams for the eyes and neck coming up…

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