Taurus November Horoscope

From Ophira and Tali Edut, The Astrotwins

Play nice, Taurus. Until November 21, the Sun is in Scorpio, powering up your seventh house of harmony and cooperation, and spotlighting your closest one-on-one partnerships. Both personal and professional relationships benefit from diplomacy and compromise now—which you’re more than willing to give in the spirit of keeping the peace. Use this time to explore new synergies or to work through any disagreements and get back on the same page. Talk about your shared mission as a twosome—you can go so much farther, together. Hello, dynamic duos!

On November 14, though, the spotlight is briefly—yet potently—back on you, as the Taurus full moon, a supermoon, illuminates your first house of self and identity. If you’ve lost yourself in work or a relationship, this full moon gives you a surge of autonomy. Intentions and grand plans set around your birthday come to an exciting turning point. A passion project or solo endeavor gains traction, bringing accolades and maybe even some well-earned fame. If you’ve been biting your tongue to keep the peace, everything you’ve held back could come rushing up. Remember, preserving the harmony of a bond does NOT mean suppressing your needs and honest expression!

Speaking up gets even easier in the second half of the month, when passive Neptune ends a five-month retrograde in your group activity sector. Since mid-June, you might have felt out of step with your circle, as hazy Neptune stirred misunderstandings with friends and teammates. On November 19, the ephemeral planet resumes forward motion, clearing up trouble in a collaboration or friendship. Slowly but surely, you’ll see a team project get back on track, especially if it involves technology.

On November 21, the Sun burrows into Sagittarius, your private eighth house of intimacy and joint ventures. You have a chance to turn all your “in-theory” relationship epiphanies and agreements into reality, and possibly to make an investment or large purpose (holiday gift to yourself perhaps?). The eighth house is about merging—emotional, sexual, financial—and this month could find you pondering your willingness to accept each other’s most tender vulnerabilities, quirks and flaws. Overall, you’re not feeling the small talk that comes with holiday party season—you crave more depth and focused one-on-one conversations, or even time alone. Slip under the radar these next four weeks, and use your intense focus to make progress on a detailed project, or to work on an important relationship.

There’s one day this month that challenges everyone, no matter what their zodiac sign. On November 24, outspoken Jupiter in Libra, your critical and health-conscious sixth house, forms a combative square with controlling Pluto in Capricorn, your ninth house of excess. Since this is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., you could fret over every calorie on your plate, or you could stress yourself out to the point of making yourself sick. A need to control and micromanage the plans could lead to some crazy-making, too. There’s a danger of taking on way too much—at the expense of your own sanity and health. Keep the shopping list manageable and delegate other tasks, like setting the table and cleaning the house.

Under the intense Jupiter-Pluto square, conversations could go off the rails fast. If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving with your clan, you could get easily hooked into a heated debate. (Aunt Judy and her political views trigger you every time…). But whether you’re breaking bread with loved ones or going about your business elsewhere, keep yourself in check. You could say some regrettable, below-the-belt things that might be hard to undo.

The month comes to an intense close with a November 29 new moon in Sagittarius, offering a fresh start in all matters of intimacy, sex and long-term finances. The next six months are ideal for building tight relationships and making solid plans for your financial future. Before you accept (or offer) an engagement ring, put a downpayment on a house, or ink a lucrative deal, make sure that you’re in an abundance mindset—and that you’ve also conducted all your due diligence. You can’t be too careful with your research, and since new moons can take half a year to unfold, there’s no need to rush into something permanent without really considering the outcome.

Heads up: The new moon forms a tense square to foggy Neptune in your friendship and technology zone, so think twice before loaning or borrowing money. Be extra careful with online purchases, making sure you shop on secure sites only. Change your passwords and PINs while you’re at it today—you’re probably overdue for that. Trust your instincts—even if the groupthink veers a certain way, dare to voice a contrasting opinion instead of going with the popular consensus.

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